June 18, 2005

Yes, I sat on the little chit today. Yes, I sat on his head, and his little body was sticking out, all 4 legs flailing, his tail twitching. And yes, I let him up when the Woman said, "Let him breathe!"

Not that I *wanted* to, but she is bigger than me and all she would have done was pick me up. This way I look good and Buddah looks, well, kind of stupid. He's fascinated by my tail, like he doesn't have one of his own (ok, he doesn't realize that thing is actually connected to his backside, so he bites it a lot) and for a while this afternoon I just let him play with it. When he's playing with my tail I can lay down for a while and rest up enough to smack him around some more.

When we ate tonight the Woman sat on the floor to make sure we each kept to our own food; Buddah is freaky about his food, like he thinks someone is going to sneak up behind him and take it away. The Man and The Woman think it's because he had to fight for food in the shelter and if he didn't eat fast, he didn't eat. I'm not terribly interested in his plate because I have my own, but I think when he starts to relax I'm going to lunge for it once, just to freak him out.

He needs to know who's the boss, after all.

I think he's finally starting to get that through his tiny, thick skull.

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