June 28, 2005

Today's Public Service Announcement:

About a month or so ago, the People came home with one of these. I wasn't too sure what it was for, but they put it in the bathroom near my litter box.

The Woman says it's a "Diaper Genie" for kitty waste.

Whatever. I don't wear diapers and if I had a genie I'd be asking for an endless supply of Stinky Goodness and my very own opposable thumbs, but she seemed impressed.

After they brought Buddah home, they bought another one and put it in the other bathroom with the other litter box.

Now...now I am totally impressed. If you could smell what comes out of Buddah, and see the sheer amounts, you’d want some way to deal with it, too. Now when he drops these insipid land mines, one of the People scoops it up, and instead of putting it in the trash, they put it in this thing, turn the lever on the side, and bingo. No more stink.


If you offend yourself after trips to the box, or have a feline sibling that obviously had something crawl up their butt and die, you might want to talk your People into getting one. I'm thinking it was worth every cent they spent.

Unless it was my money.

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