December 25, 2015


I hope all you doods have the most awesome of days!

December 14, 2015

It's toy day!

Doods! Today was the day that the people took my book money and went shopping for toys to donate to Toys for Tots! They were gone most of the afternoon, and they stopped at the fire station on their way home to drop off the toys in the donation box there.

The box wasn't big enough so they made a pile next to looks like they had a pretty decent haul!

This is what you do when you buy my books, doods. I don't have any bills to pay and the people keep me pretty well stocked in stinky goodness and nip things, so I don't have anything I need my money for, so I really like being able to do this (well, this and saving the boobies.)

I wouldn't be able to do any of it without you.

So from the bottom of my furry heart, thank you. This is my favorite thing about the holidays, when I get to see how many toys get shoved into the back of the HHR.

December 11, 2015

Ok so this is what happened

Oh oh oh I bet you forgot that Max said I could post things on his blog and sometimes I think he wants me to forget about it too, but then the Grandma came last week and stayed with us for a few days while the Mom and the Dad went somewhere to have fun without us, and there's this kitty that comes to visit me a lot by running up to the door and then the window and we play Chase for a little while and one day I was on the bookcase in the library and the kitty came (I think it's a girl?) and we chased a little bit and then she left but she came back a few minutes later and she had a bird!

Guys she didn't even eat the bird, she just put it down on the mat that's under the window because the Mom and the Dad got a better one for the front door or they were cleaning it or something, I forgot what, but now it's under the window I look out when I'm on the medium sized bookcase, and she left it there! She gave me a present!  I can't go outside to get it but I think it was very nice of her to bring me a bird without taking even a single bite but Mx says she wasn't being nice, she was feeling sorry for me because I clearly don't look like I can hunt very well and she wanted to be sure I didn't starve, but you know what?

It's still nice because even if she thinks I can't hunt she doesn't want me to die because of not eating, so I think she kinda likes me so that means I have a girlfriend, right?

December 09, 2015

It's almost toy time!

Oh yay! The Woman was sitting here at the desk (she’s normally in her chair but she broke her laptop thingy, which is fine with me because when she’s at her desk I can stretch out on top of it and dictate) counting county things, and said that one day next week is GO BUY THE TOYS day! I asked her how many toys we were getting this year and she said she doesn’t know the exact number, but y’all bought enough books to fill the back of the HHR at least once.

DOODS!!! You did that! Between January and late October you bought enough copies of my books to AT LEAST fill the back of the car! She thinks maybe twice…but if she and the Man can get a lot of good quality toys and there’s still money left, it will go to the shelter where they got Buddah.

She said she will take a picture of the toys in the back of the car so you guys can see how many kids you’re going to make smile this year.

I think this is her favorite time of year because she likes to go shopping for presents for people and kitties and dogs.

I'm not sure what this is but it has something to do with hooking...
Right now the Man is out in the garage making things to sell in his Etsy shop and in the Art Gallery. Y’all bought some of his stuff this year, too, and a lot of it went to boobie charities, and I do like to save the boobies. (And :::coughcoughcough::: he has some stuff right no that would be spiffy holiday gifts…)

Oh! And the order of books came in and a few have gone out…if you want to get a signed copy in time for Christmas, there’s a link in the sidebar.  It’s under BOOKS I WROTE and just beneath the cover image (if you’re outside the U.S. I can’t promise it will get there in time for Christmas, though.)

OH OH OH! (Channeling my inner Buddah here) last week the People went off somewhere, and the Grandma stayed with Buddah and me…you guys know how much I love having the Grandma, right? Well I got a huge surprise Monday night when she came back AND the Younger Human showed up with his SuperCool Other Half (SHE LIKES CATS!!!) They all went out to dinner and when they got home? THE YOUNGER HUMAN GAVE ME STEAK!!!

I mean, I’ve had the best couple of weeks. Lots of Grandma time (and she gives lots of treats), the People put up my Whovimas tree, and I got the Younger Human AND got to meet THE GIRL! Doods, you would so totally like her. I wasn’t even afraid of her, it was like I knew right off she was pretty cool. And then to top it off, the Man wondered if I was getting cold at night (because I’ve been waking them up at 4:15 and not shutting up) so even though the Woman sweats a lot, they turned the heat up at night! SEVENTY-SIX DEGREES, YO!

I’ve been so happy with that, I let her sleep until 5:20.

Tomorrow…I might even let her sleep until 5:45. I’m nice like that.