March 30, 2007


First it's contaminated wheat gluten. Then it's rat poison. Now it's fertilizer used on the wheat gluten, something that's also used to make certain types of plastic. Now it might be in a prescription dry cat food.

Cripes, people, all we want to know is what's killing our friends? And what's safe for us to eat? Please stop second guessing each other and make sure the problem is fixed.

Someone needs to give me some crunchy treats, because I'm all stressed out right now. Um, yeah. Really. So give me treats. Or Stinky Goodness. I'll be happy with either...

March 29, 2007

All right. This is what I think.

I think that if one kitty is running down the hall, screaming, and the other kitty is running behind him with his mouth attached to the first kitty's butt, the biting kitty should suffer some kind of time-out, or maybe even get their furry little hide duct taped to the nearest solid object.

That's what I think.

March 27, 2007

Heh. Buddah got yelled at tonight. We ran up the bookcases and got onto the wall cutout place, and he tried to wrestle with me up there--he even tried to bite! The Woman heard and came stomping out of her office and shook her finger at him and said "You do not do that up there!"

I thought the little squirt was going to cry. He jumped down and then ran up the stairs and did a lot of sucking up to her, being all cute and getting her to pick him up and hug him, but it was really sweet for that minute or two when he was the one in trouble instead of me.

March 25, 2007

The Woman wants to know if I intentionally shoved my butt into her face while stomping around on her lap this evening.

Really, I think if that had been an intentional act, it would have been accompanied by a really good toot or the very least.

Come to think of it, how do I know it wasn't her whacking her face at my butt instead? Hmmm...

March 23, 2007

Holy crap.

The Woman has the news on while she pretends to work, and they're saying the problem with the recalled pet food is rat poison.

A rodenticide.

How freaking painful is it to die like that? On behalf of my fellow felines, I'm kinda pissed right now. No, I'm seriously pissed off. When they thought it was contaminated wheat gluten I was thinking that's sad, but it's a kind of thing that might not always be caught in quality control.

But poison doesn't just fall into a vat of cooking food. It just doesn't. And if it's placed anywhere near food preparation, that's just wrong.

I won't even get into the fact that the rodenticide in question is banned in the U.S.

I'm going to go do something destrctive now, because I am really, really upset.

March 22, 2007

To answer a comment in my last post... Ohio itself isn't Evil, we just lived in Evil Ohio. If ya wanna read about it, you have to buy We Are The Kitties ;)


And the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower...the People got it at a pet store here when I was just a kitten. It was my first climbing thingy, and it's always been put in fun places where I can stalk the People. The problem is, the Woman doesn't remember what the company that makes it calls it. They didn't have the foresight to understand its true power, and proper place in the lineage of all things feline.

Now, if I could only keep Buddah off of it.

March 20, 2007


The Supreme Commander kitty Tower! That's what the man was working on in the back yard, making all that noise! And the Woman was right, we missed it but we forgot we were missing it until it was back in the house! The Man replaced a shelf thingy that was fun to sit on in the top cubby place, so it's comfy again. The shelf that used to be there got lost when we moved from Evil Ohio. He took some wood and made a piece of it fit.

Almost PosingIt's MINE!

Buddah can fit in the cubby; I'm not so sure I can, at least not comfortably. I'm just glad to have my tower back! The best part aside from being tall on it is that we can jump from it onto the table...that will come in handy when the People are having a really good dinner.

March 19, 2007

The Man was doing something in the back yard today; it was very noisy so I didn't sit by the window to watch, but the Woman says that it's for me and Buddah, and we'll be very happy when he's done.

I want to know what it is! And no one will tell me!

The only hint she'll give is that it's something we already own but haven't had since we moved, and we miss it and don't even realize we miss it.


I'm ready for my snack now. If she won't tell me what it is then I want snack early tonight. Tonight is a flavor we haven't had in YEARS. Or since we started getting the other food. It's got cod and sole and shrimp! Earlier we had tender roast beef. I wonder if the Stinky Goodness people thought they were being cute when they named that. It's roast beed made into a mushy mess. Of course it's tender. But it's tasty, so I suppose they can call it anything they want.

March 17, 2007

OK, the Woman checked that list of recalled food this morning and then said a bad word or two because she spent 62 million dollars on food for us yesterday. Or maybe it was just $20. Either way, she's taking it back, and today went to another place and got us Fancy Feast. I'm not complaining. Fancy Feast put the Goodness in Stinky Goodness. My taste buds were partying at dinner tonight. And that was a good thing because the people had spaghetti for dinner, and they won't share that with the kitties.

March 16, 2007

Max samples the 'nip, with permissionSweeeeeet.

Buddah got fresh, live, growing kitty crack for his birthday, and he was totally into the sharing thing. Don't worry, I didn't just shove my face in there, he nibbled at it first and then on to look at his other presents.

The People were gone most of the day, but Buddah didn't seem to mind. He took 12 nice naps, and we played together a little bit. As soon as the People got home, the Woman gave us his birthday dinner, the really good Fancy Feast Stinky Goodness, the kind with greens in it. And usually we get half a can each at dinner, but we got a whole can each of that, and dang that was good.

After that was presents, and then we played a little bit more. We ran up the bookcases and were going to wrestle, but the Woman pointed at us and said "That is not a good idea." I looked down and figured she might be right...

Buddah got one present I can't really play with; it's a pretty cool scratcher, and there's catnip sprinkled in it. Even though I don't have claws, I can rub my paws on it the way I do on the furniture.

And man, it occured to me, Buddah is pretty grown up--he never even tries to sharpen his claws on the furniture. He only does it on Claw-Approved materials... Granted, the People have bought a lot of things he's allowed to claw, but it just occured to me, he understands that. The may be hope for him, after all...

March 15, 2007

Buddah Turns 2

Little black furball
Today you are two
So for 24 hours
I'll be nice to you

You get the first treat
And you might get the last
You might have some fun
And you might have a blast

Most likely you'll sleep
And then run down the stairs
And then up the bookscases
And up over the chairs

You'll run and you'll run
By yourself you will play
But stop for a minute
'Cause I have something to say

Happy Birthday, Buddah Pest
P.S. Take a bath...

March 13, 2007


This morning, the Man got up and fed us. Then later, the Woman got up and fed us.

You'd think they would coordinate or something, but I'm not complaining...

March 11, 2007

If ya don't want me on the laundry, don't leave it there...

I'm Not Moving...

And if ya don't want me sleeping on you, get a less squishy lap...


Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! The Second Psychokitty Sooper Dooper Auction has started! Go see! Up for this one is a cat feeder and a SIGNED photograph copy of the We Are The Kitties cover! It's signed by Bones the Cat and the photographer, Katrina Lovett! Someday it might be worth a million bucks!

March 09, 2007

The Woman tried to have a discussion with me this morning. After our morning Stinky Gdness she went into her office and found a note from the Man; he weighed us this morning and felt some pressing need to share the numbers.

"Why," she asked me, "are you not losing weight?"
I dunno. You feed me. You figure it out.
"I don't want to have to cut your food back any more than I already have."
Fine. Then don't. Problem solved.
"Buddah even gained a little."
So? Why are you telling me this? I don't care.
She sighed heavily and then said, "I may have to totally take away the tiny bit of dry food you get at night."
I don't care. I can live without that, Buddah's the one who cries all day for it.
"Buddah will be upset."
Did I not just think that at you?

Look, if she wants to crush Buddah's little heart and take away the teaspoon of dry crunchy he gets at night (no, I don't get that much. I only get like 3 token pieces, as if I don't matter at all...) what's it to me? And why does she feel some pressing need to share this with me? Just open the cans for me, and torture the other kitty any which way you please....

Really now.

March 05, 2007

Wow. Oh Wow. Skeeter & LC have posted the most beautiful picture I have EVER seen! It's so awesome...I think it brought a tear to my eye.

I think I need to go lie down now. I am woozy and my heart is racing, because I can't get that image out of my head. So. So. Pretty.

March 04, 2007

We tried a new tactic on being nice this morning. We let the Woman seriously sleep in. Like, a couple hours later than normal. She was all "Ohhh you're such good boys" and "I'll hurry and get dressed so I can feed you," so we're not telling her that we weren't all that hungry 'cause the Man gave us a piece of shrimp this morning when he got home from passing gas. If she knew that she might be disappointed, and we wouldn't want to do that to her, right? Right.

March 03, 2007

I was trying to be nice to the Woman this morning, just standing there nicely, waiting for her to wake up. I didn't meow or anything, I just stood there, because I was pretty sure it was about time for her to wake up and make good use of her opposable thumbs.

Then she opened an eye and said "Please don't stand on my bladder."

So I was nice again, and I sat down. Then she sais--both eyes closed--"Please don't sit on my bladder."

Well, sheesh. I laid down to wait, but she said "Please don't lie on my bladder."

Look, I'm not even exactly sure where her bladder is, but I was on her tummy, and I was being nice. She should enjoy that. At the very least, I think I deserved head skritches for not meowing right into her ear to get her up.

March 02, 2007

Is it Friday already? Man, this week just slid right by me I've been so busy napping and eating and then napping some more, then biting Buddah on the butt, and then napping again that I forgot to blog. In a few minutes, I'm going to go jump onto the wall cutout and see if I can freak the People out again.

Stay tuned...there's gonna be another auction up soon!