June 11, 2005

Wow. I got Stinky Goodness THREE times today. I don't know why, but I got an extra dinner tonight. They let Buddah Butt have some, too, but as long as I got some, I don't care. They plopped him down on the floor in front of his food, he inhaled it--he eats faster than I do!--and then they picked him up and put him in the Younger Human's room for "sleepy time." (Shoot me if they ever start with the baby talk on me...)

Before that, I was a little ticked off because I was stuck in the big bedroom with the Woman. They put a screen door in the doorway so I couldn't get out...probably so that little monster could run around. Earlier in the day I was in here by myself with that screen, and Buddah climbed up it, wiggled over the top, and climbed down inside the room with me! It was horrible, he kept biting and jumping on me...good thing the Woman noticed quickly and got him out. And then HE got locked in a room with the Man. So...HA!

There's a new big bed in the big bedroom...Oh man that thing is nice. The Woman says it's hurting her back, but I love it. She can get another new bed as long as I get to keep this one.

And as long as Buddah Butt is never allowed on it.

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