April 29, 2009

It's like 76 degrees in the house.
Was a warm, beautiful day.
But I talked the Woman into turning the fire thingy on.
I so rule...

April 27, 2009

Dood, I'm gonna miss you so hard...

Oreo hadn't blogged a lot lately; I just figured he was a little bored with it and would get back to it sooner or later. I missed his posts but sometimes a guy has lots of things to do, and finds new interests, but a guy can also go back to stuff. I hopefully checked his blog every now and then to see if he was back.

But then he was back with bad news, that he was sick. And I hoped really hard that he'd get better, but he didn't. And today he had to go off to the Bridge.

Usually that's harder on people than on us kitties, because we know what an awesome place the Bridge is. But I'm having a harder time knowing Oreo won't be amusing me with his blog anymore, and with knowing there's an Oreo shaped hole in his Mom's heart. So I'm gonna sit here and leak for a little while, and feel sorry for myself, and for his Mom, and for any of you who never got the chance to know what a cool guy he was.

Today is the Man's birthday and I'm still going to give him my can of salmon. But right now he's asleep from passing gas all night, and I'm going to go curl up and be a little sad.

April 26, 2009

Hmm. Doods. I kinda found out what Bush Tail is.

I ate this! It's like a rat. Or an opposum. And I ate it.

I must admit, it was tasty. But...are those supposed to be edible?

Tonight the Woman opened a can of King Salmon and Potatoes; she said she was prepared to open a can of Fancy Feast Tuna flavor for me since I never eat salmon, but this stuff was pretty tasty, and I ate it all.

Now, there's one more can of salmon left and you know what? The Man loves salmon! He likes lots of fishy things, and salmon is one of them. You know what else?

Tomorrow is his birthday!

So I think I'm going to let him have the second can of King Salmon. It's the least I can do.

I'm thoughtful that way.

April 24, 2009

Whine, and ye shall receive...

So I really liked that Vishus Deer food, and I wanted to try their Stinky Goodness versions, and look!

The Addiction Food people send cans
This is our Album Cover pose...

They sent some! We got 2 cans each of King Salmon, Brush Tail, and Unagi. I'm not sure what Brush Tail is, but it has VISHUS DEER in it, so I asked for that. Since I didn't get a tiny taste of the HAM the people had for their dinner, my request was granted without any discussion. The way it should be.

First, we had to sniff it. You know, just in case the People tried to pull a fast one and gave us something else.

First, a sniff test

You know, as much as I love Stinky Goodness, I am very picky about it.
But I really dove into this stuff.

Digging in

Um, ignore the splatter on the floor. I got to that eventually...


Before we knew it, it was all gone.

And then it was gone...

So...so far we love the Addicition Vishus Deer crunchy food, and we both scarfed down the Brush Tail Stinky Goodness (do I wanna know what a Brush Tail is?). The key for this is how the People feel about it in, say, 12 hours. And how filling it seems to be.

The next can we're gonna try is the King Salmon. I don't like salmon as a rule; I won't eat the Fancy Feast salmon even though I LOVE FANCY FEAST and I won't even eat real live fresh dead salmon, so the flavor might be a crapshoot. Buddah will probably like it.

So far the only downside to this food is availability. It doesn't seem to have widespread distribution yet so it would have to be ordered online (for us, it might be at a store near you...) So we'll see how it goes. My people are whipped enough that they would shop online for food for me if it works to curb my appetite and make me healthier.

I'm going to go curl up and digest now.

April 18, 2009

Apparently, when it's hot outside that means I don't get to have the fire thingy on. I don't know why; my people are just delicate little flowers that will will like weenies or something if it gets too hot in the house. The have the cold air blowing thingy they could turn on and they could sit bu the thing in the wall where the air comes out, but no. They just sit where ever and don't turn the fire thingy on for me. It's not like we get decent sun spots in this house. I NEED that fire thingy! Why can't they understand that?

April 15, 2009

I really like that Vishus Deer food. I mean REALLY like it. So does Buddah. It's about as tasty as anything I've ever tried, and while I love food, I am a little picky about it. Like, I won't eat salmon. I don't know why, I just don't like it and if someone sticks it in front of me I make sad faces until they get me something else. I don't like the Stinky Goodness the stabby people tried to make the people feed me. I like my Fancy Feast, but even then I won't eat all the flavors. So to say I REALLY like it...that's something.

The only problem is that it's not stick to your ribs kinda food, and I need food that stays with me a while. That might be because this is crunchy food and not Stinky Goodness. But the Woman tried giving us a little of the Vishus Deer food and a smaller amount of Stinky Goodness, and by 2 a.m. I was starving. So I stomped around on top of her while she tried to sleep, begging for more food. And while I usually sing for the People at night, I don't typically beg for food until half an hour before I know it's time to eat. Or maybe an hour. Or two. But I am considerate and don't start jamming my nose up her nostril or punching her in the eye until it's close to time to eat.

Still...good stuff. Buddah always gets a little crunchy food with his Stinky Goodness because he needs more food than I do (apparently running around like your ass is on fire makes you hungrier. Go figure.) so he gets about a teaspoon of crunchy twice a day, and the Woman thinks this will be better for him than crunchy food that's mostly rice and wheat. And because it's not junky, I get to still have some, too, just not as much as he does.

She's going to look for the Stinky Goodness version of this stuff and let me try that, too. Because if I like it as much as I do what I usually eat...well, that's gotta be better for me, and I'm totally worth the expense. Right? Oh, and someone left a comment about it has potatoes and potatoes are bad for kitties...the Woman looked into that. It's mostly livestock that has problems with potatoes. Last time I checked, I wasn't livestock, even though the Woman keeps saying I'm a pig.

In other news...yesterday the Woman had a really, really bad stomach ache, the kind that makes a person wonder if they should go to the Help Me NOW stabby place, so I curled up on top of her while she was in bed and purred really hard, and she says it helped! She still felt like crap the rest of the day, but flt better. So she gave me Vishus Deer food as a treat.

She must still appreciate it because today she completely cleaned the litter box. Scrubbed it clean and all new litter! Kwid pro kwo, baby, kwid pro kwo.

April 13, 2009

Doods! I ATE VISHUS DEER tonight!!! And it was AWESOME! The nice people at Addiction Pet Food sent me a bag of their dry food to try, and even though we only get Stinky Goodness the Woman said it as okay, because this food is grain free and that's one of the things she looks for when she buys food. The #1 ingredient in this food is VISHUS DEER! so she thought it would be worth a try.

Hey...what's this?

Hey! What's this?


Dood, go away. They sent it to me!

Bee-otch! I'll cut you!

Then Buddah got all Bee-otch I'll cut you!
But I made him back down, you can be sure of that.

Nom nom nom

I nommed and nommed


And I must say, it was quite tasty.

Buddah got some, too. In fact, I stopped eating when I was full and left some in my dish, and he ate that when he was done eating from his dish.

Now, the People don't know if we scarfed it down because it was new, or because it was THAT GOOD, so they're going to try to add it into our diet and see how it goes. If we don't gain weight and like it, we can keep getting it.

Either way, we'll keep ya updated, just in case you want to get your People to let you try it, too.

April 11, 2009

It's The Psychokitty Caption Game!

Just think of a caption, and submit it in the comments.
Bonus points for doing it like an LOLcat!

April 09, 2009

You know what's nice to do on a cold and rainy day? It's nice to get on the big bed with the fuzzy blanket with the warm thingy that the Woman has under the sheets turned on, and curl up to snooze while she lays there and reads.

You know what's fun to do while you're snoozing and she's reading? It's fun to inch your way over every few minutes until you've pretty much pushed her off the bed.

It's was just a Win all the way around.

April 08, 2009

Doods! The Grandma came to see us today! She's never seen us in our new house and today she came to visit AND she gave us treats!


Since she's so much nicer than the People, who didn't care that I wanted to sample the pizza that the Younger Human made for everyone EXCEPT Buddah and me, and she WANTED me to have something, I did a thing I've never done before.

I took treats from someone's hand.

AND Buddah and I did it nicely, we didn't fight over the treats. We took turns! Imagine that!

I hope she comes to visit again soon. She's a good people, and once in a while a kitty needs to be around good people.

April 07, 2009

Tonight there was chicken for the Peoples' dinner, and we were good and didn't beg, so we each got a tiny bite. But Buddah doesn't like People chicken, so I got to eat his too and he got a few pieces of crunchy food. I would have liked a few pieces of crunchy food, too, but hey! I got chicken! And it was the really good kind with the soup that turns into gravy on it. Now I'm just waiting for the Woman to open a can of Stinky Goodness for me, and after I scarf that down I'm going to plop down in front of the fire thingy, because the Woman turned it on just for me.

Oh, and we have proof of how much more awesome I am than she is. Her books got on the Amazon Kindle and my books got on the Amazon Kindle, and I am KICKING HER ASTERISK!

I am hoping to sell enough to get that kitty enclosure for the back patio, but she said not to hold my breath because I'm only getting 50 cents a copy. But someday...she's gonna buy that for me, because I WIN!!!

April 05, 2009

Woman, when I say turn on the fire thingy I mean TURN ON THE FIRE THINGY!

It's probably a good idea to do both, just to cover all the bases. Because if you don't...we KNOW what will happen now, don't we...?

April 04, 2009

Dooods....you know how I'm always threatening to poop on the Woman's pillow?

Well, I did it.

Sort of.

I got up there after a particularly productive trip to the litter box, and rubbed my unwashed nether regions all over the sheets and stuff! There's visible evidence of my activities, and she is mightily grossed out.

So there. Maybe now she knows I MEAN BUSINESS!

April 02, 2009

Today was the Younger Human's birthday. I got lots of notice on this one so I had time to really think about what I wanted to give him. And I figured, what would *I* want if it was my birthday and I had opposable thumbs?

Well, I didn't think he would want 327 cans of Stinky Goodness. So what was the next thing I would want?

So I thought about it some more, and decided on the best thing.

I gave him five whole dollars. And a card. But I think the five dollars was more useful than the card.

The People took him out to dinner and bought him a Stupid Drink. And someone made him wear this hat:

Curt's 26th

I think they shoulda given him five more dollars after that.

April 01, 2009

Oh man, dooods..I had the best night ever. Last night after the Woman gave us our Stinky Goodness--I got Beefy feast and Buddah got Gourmet Seafood because I have trouble chewing that, not sure why--Buddah wanted to play THoE so I said, sure why not. So we played and played and played and then doods, we freaking frolicked up and down the hall. That was very tiring (because face it, I'm fat and out of shape) so we jumped to the top of the tall climbing tree and curled up on the top perch together, where we could look out the front window. We couldn't see the moon from there, but there's a streetlight out there so it's just as good. We stayed curled up there all night long, me with my head on the edge of the perch and Buddah with his head on my shoulder. It was very special, and I think we finally bonded.

Tonight, I am going to let him have some of my Stinky Goodness. He's just that special to me now.