May 29, 2010

Because I want it to get stuck in your heads...

May 27, 2010

Everyone! Look! FIN WROTE A BOOK!!!!

I am so excited, I can't wait to get my copy!

Rockin' The Pink

May 25, 2010

All right, the Woman has no pride, and she's gonna start poking people to donate money since no one will be at the finish line of that long walk dangling donuts in front of her.

But...if you donate, you get chances at winning prizes, and the first one goes up a little after midnight. You want to win, you know you do.

For every $5 you donate, you have a chance at winning.

Rockin' the Pink

Go check it out...the first prizes are handmade by a really cool blogger who jumped in and offered to make these. And I've seen 'em up close...they are wicked nice.

There are gonna be a lot of prizes over the next few months, but don't worry about donating early and not being eligible later...everyone who donates is eligible for all the prizes through the whole thing!

Coolness will abound!

Now, let's be real...a lot of people want to donate but can't. Please don't feel bad about that. Real life is sucky sometimes, so if you can't, you can't, and we understand that. we don't want anyone donating if it means hurting themselves. But if you can...think of the boobies, doods! THE BOOBIES!!!


May 19, 2010

Dooods! You are not going to believe what just happened! Seriously!

I was sitting by the front door, relaxing in the nice breeze that was coming through the screen, minding my own fricking business thank you very much, thinking about how awesome the air ruffling my fur felt, when the neighbor's giant brown DOG walked up to the door AND BARKED AT ME!

Like, WTF?

Why was he even out? He just waltzed up like he owned the place, looked and me, and BARKED. And he doesn't have a yappy bark, he got this huge, deep BARK.

Not bark but BARK.

I may be scarred for life.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day in my mancat cave. At least the worst thing that can happen there is that Buddah will wander in, but at least he won't bark...

May 13, 2010

Sheesh, Dooods, you know what? The Woman got up IN THE MORNING, like 2 hours early, and I was thinking "Score! We get breakfast early!" but you know what she did? She freaking ate her OWN breakfast, and then left! We sat there watching her open the door like, damn, this is harsh, but she just said, "I'll be back in a little while and you can eat then."

Well cripes, how were we supposed to know what her definition of "a little while" might be at that moment? It could have been 10 minutes, it could have been 10 hours. For all we knew we were going ALL DAY without getting breakfast.

Why the fark couldn't she feed us when she was feeding herself?

When she got back she didn't even say she was sorry, she just said she'd gotten back by our normal breakfast time, but dangit, when you wake a kitty's tummy up early, you should fill it early!

May 09, 2010

Dooods...the Woman has lost her mind. Really. It just went POOF, shot out her ears in this chalky cloud of dust, and was gone. She says it's all the fault of Jeter's Mom and Skeezix's FL, and and Diva Kitty's Mom but really? I think she's just gone a little nuts.

She's gonna try to walk for boobies this year.

Yeah. Her. Walking. For 3 days. If there's not a dozen donuts at the finish line I don't know how she'll make it, but hey, I'm all for the cause. It means that between now and October I get to say BOOBIES! a lot.

She's gonna have to raise some fundage for this, so we're going to sit down and figure out some fun ways--there will probably be PRIZES!--so that we can beg for quarters without being too obnoxious.

But, yeah. On Mother's Day 2010, she went a little nuts, and signed up for something that kinda scares her enough that she mighta peed herself a little. Oh, she wont admit to that, but we all know she did...

May 07, 2010

I gots to ask cause I gots to many of your people out there are walking for boobies in the 60 mile 3 day boobies walk this year? And if you're walking for boobies, what's your blog page or donation page or whatever URL? 'Cause I'll put links in my sidebar and I'm gonna try to figure out a way to raise a little money for it this year again.

So...if you or your person is doing it...please comment.

May 03, 2010

The Man moved my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower from a corner in the library to a space between the Let's Rot Our Brains With TV Room and the THERE'S FOOD HERE! room...real close to the table.

Max posing

I think I like it.