June 02, 2005

Update From The Woman:

Max is spending the day sleeping in my closet; he feels awful, but he should perk up a bit by tomorrow when the antibiotics are out of his system. As sick as he is, it's not a life or death thing; we brought Buddah home (unknowingly) with a nasty respiratory infection, and even though we kept them in separate spaces and did tons of hand-washing, Max still caught it.

Buddah was tested for leukemia and AIDS today, and both came back negative, so that's one less worry. Max might not be thrilled, but Buddah gets to stay...

This was one heck of a lesson learned: viruses and bacteria run rampant through shelters and kennels, so even though the volunteers say the animal is healthy, they might not be. And even if they claim the animal is too young to be tested for certain things, take them to a vet before taking them home to be sure. We thought we were doing a good thing by adopting from the SPCA, but we didn't use common sense and potentially exposed Max--who is my baby, no matter how tough he thinks he is--to something very, very serious.

He should be okay, though. I appreciate all the well wishes, and though he won't admit it, Max does, too. He's just too snarky to say so.

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Deborah said...

my babies both had that respiratory infection when they came here - both survived but it was really really nasty. They both caught it at the pet adoption place I got them...they lost a lot of animals to it. I can't remember what it's called, but they sneezed a lot! I hope Max will be okay...we're all pulling for you Max!