June 02, 2005

They took me back to the stabby place this morning. The white icky tuff was making me explode from both ends, and that upset the Woman, so back I went...the bald guy said I didn't have to take it today, and "we'll see if that makes him feel better."

I was so tired that I only fought a little bit when he tried to shove that thing up my butt. He won this time. When I have my energy back, I am going to bite him. Maye not to hard, just enough to let him know who the real boss is.

I pooped a little bit on his table, so at least I managed to do something gross to him.

Buddah Butt has to go there this afternoon, and he is going to get stabbed. Worse, while they stab him, they're going to take some of his blood out so they can look at it and see if he has any nasty cooties that could really make us both sick.

Maybe they'll have to stab him a second time to put the blood back in.

That would almost be worth going to watch.

I'm going back to bed...well, actually, I'm going to go sleep in the closet, where everyone will leave me alone unless I make puking or choking noises.

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