June 15, 2005


The little monster figured out that he can climb to the very top of the door and wiggle through the 2 inches of space the People had to leave because of the light bulb and the thing that beeps when dinner is ready. He figured it out, and 3 seconds later I had 3 pounds of spastic black fur all over me, biting and kicking. I've had it with being nice--I bit and kicked back.

And the People actually let this go on! The Man finally squirted Buddah's butt with some water and he ran off, but they let it happen! they checked us both for bleeding and tried to put Budah back behind the screen--bolstering it up with a book at the bottom--and 3 minutes later there he was, at the top, trying to get back to my side.

He got stuck.

If I could do it out loud, I would have been laughing. The People laughed a little, until they realized he was scared. He could get his butt over, or his head, but not both, and he didn't know what to do. Finally they kicked the book out from under the door so there would be more space at the top, and when he was still stuck, the Man had to rescue him.

So the big question around here is "What do we do about Buddah?"

Let him out the front door, that's my vote...

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