January 28, 2010

Oh, man, I don't know what he's dreaming about, but Buddah is growling in his sleep. I don't think I've ever heard him growl when he's awake...that's my job. It's kinda funny and kinda scary at the same time, because he has a wicked growl...

January 25, 2010

How we spent our week:

I think we may spend this week doing the exact same thing...

January 19, 2010

Max and his Younger HumanSee how much I like the Younger human?

Here I am trying to pet his face. Really.

The Younger Human is nice on a lot of levels. Every time he's here I get a treat, and it's usually real live fresh dead cow. Sometimes crunchy treats. But he always gives me something. He's thoughtful like that.

Well, next month he wants to do something really weird, but it's for a good cause. In order to raise a little money for the Special Olympics, he's going to jump into really really really cold water.

I chit you not! COLD water! I don't know if he realizes what that's gonna do to his fun bits, but hey, that's the price a guy sometimes pays for doing a good thing.

So yeah, I am leading up to something. He needs sponsors. I have friends, and he needs sponsors. So if you can swing it, just a couple of bucks would be really sweet.

The Younger Human's Donor Page

Even if you can't sponsor him, could you pass the word along? His goal is $500, but if he reaches $10,000, he gets to do it again in March, in even colder water! And that's just fun for me to think about.

It's for the sticky people, folks. Think of the sticky people.
Today is a day for doing nothing but lounging on the big bed with the fuzzy blanket. It's raining outside so there's nothing out there worth seeing, and it's gonna rain all week... but mostly I was up all night keeping the Woman company because the wind kicked up at 4 am and woke her up, and she couldn't get back to sleep, so I had to spend the rest of the night trying to purr on her back  (because it always hurts) and then petting her face (thought it might relax her) and then body slamming into her chest and head (to knock her out.) I gave up at 8 am and went out to see if Buddah wanted to play THoE, and what do you know, then she fell asleep.

Since I had to basically work all night, today I am going to snooze...

January 17, 2010

All right, after some verbal contortions, the Woman got the Paypal fiasco straightened out, and it looks like all the funds transactions are still in place. We were pretty specific in not calling it a raffle or lottery and that people were donating, but here we are anyway.

The suckiest part of all this? Offering a chance at a prize in order to raise money has been a really good way to get it done. Look at the netbook we did last year...everyone contributed $1000 for boobies! But now? Now we won't be able to do it again for anything, because if we do and get caught, Paypal will close our account for good, and that's the Woman's business account.

I dunno...we'll find a way if the need arises in the future.

But I'm still annoyed.

January 16, 2010

Hey, whoever complained to Paypal about the pen and said I was running a raffle...thanks for getting my account blocked. That was real classy of you.

It's so hosed up I don't know if the funds transfer to Kismet went through or if everyone who donated got refunded or what.

Yeah. Thanks for that.

January 15, 2010

Sorry I'm late...the Woman got all involved in something stupid, but she did draw the winner!

There were 100 entries and we raised $180! What the Woman did was make a list of everyone who donated, and next to them the number of chances they got. Like, if the first person to donate gave $10, she wrote 1-5, and the second person gave $5 she wrote, 2,3.

 The number drawn was number 81, and that person was

Karen Jo Gray!

The Woman will get it off in the mail ASAP! Congrats and thanks!

Ok, doods, it's 6pm Pacific time, so the entries to win the really spiffy pen are closed. Come back in a couple of hours to see who won! The Woman is gonna use a random generator thingy to pick the winner, but first she needs to go stuff her face and then give me a bite of whatever she's having...

January 14, 2010

I'm very bummed today, because a really sweet kitty went to the Bridge yesterday. LC heard Skeeter calling her and couldn't resist; she'd heard him say it was close to time but she could decide on the When, and I guess the when was Now.

Her Big Thing is understandably very leaky about this, because she was with him for a very very long time, and because she was 67 kinds of awesome. She did a good job of training Iza and Ayla to be there for him, but you know, that doesn't make it hurt less.

Even though I know she's at the Bridge and she's with Skeeter again and they're having a ton of fun, and getting together with all our other kitty friends who are already there, I am going to miss her.

See ya in a few years, LC. Tell Skeeter I miss him, too, and say hi to the gang for me.

January 12, 2010

Ok, doods.

You guys know that Kismet is going through some pretty serious stuff right now, right? He's been in the stabby place a couple of times in an oxygen tank and they can hear a murmur in his heart, and is gonna have to get that looked at with an ultrasound soon.

My people know how spendy that is, because the Cat Who Came Before Me had heart problems and had several of them. And then there's all the medications that can add up, and chest x-rays and trips to the stabby place, which is really unpleasant but even moreso when you're smacked in the face with all the cash it costs.

So. Last night the Man went into the room where the rumbly bikes sleep, and he made something special. And we're gonna use it to try to scrape together a little cash for Kismet. Now, keep in mind, the Man made this all himself; it's hand made and unique and there isn't and won't be another one exactly like it in the world EVER.

Pen with top
A sparkly purply-pink Navigator Style pen

Pen without top
This is it with the top off

Close up of pen
This is a close up of the color and the sparkly.
If you click on the pictures, you can see them bigger.

So this is what I thought we could do. For every $2.50 you donate through the link here, you get one chance at winning this unique pen. If you donate $10, you'll get FIVE chances. That's, like, a FREE CHANCE!

Entries closed..but you can still donate directly to Kismet on his blog.

So if you can, pad your own karma by helping Kismet, and maybe you'll end up with a one of a kind, made by The Man pen!

We'll run this from now until Friday at 6 p.m. Pacific time, and we'll draw the winner's name at around 8 p.m.

If you can't help with cash, please keep Kismet in your thoughts and stuff. It's some pretty scary stuff, what he might have to go through, and every good wish helps.

January 08, 2010

Look, lady, it's not my fault that you went into the giant litter box room to use the facilities without turning the light on. But hey, at least you were sitting in the right place when I jumped out from behind the shower curtain and made you shriek...

January 05, 2010

Doods, I learned from the Great Skeezix that we have an emergency in the Cat Blogosphere and one of our own really really really really needs all the amazing kitty Mojo we can throw his way.

Kismet was taken to the emergency stabby place last night and is in an oxygen tent, And Skeez says he might decide to go to the bridge, so he really needs everything we can do for him. Good thoughts, Mojo, Prayer, whatever you can do, he needs.

He hasn't blogged in a while, but you can still drop by there and leave a comment for his people to see.

January 04, 2010

I like the Younger Human...

Max and his Younger Human

...but only on my terms...

January 03, 2010

Get off my face, she says.
Let me sleep, she says.
It's 6-fricking-twenty in the morning, she says.

Damn, people can be rude.

January 02, 2010

Bear with me, dooods... we're playing with the template again and it might not be pretty...

Test blockquote:
It's red...really red...