June 06, 2005

THEY TOOK ME TO THE STABBY PLACE AND THEY LEFT ME THERE ALL DAY!!!! ALL DAY! I got stabbed like THREE times, they took some of my BLOOD--and I'm pretty sure I need that--and they put water back instead of the blood, and I got stabbed for no good reason that I can think of. Oh, they said it was an antibiotic, but I think the bald guy just wanted to stab me one more time. To top it off, they decided while I was there they would try to make me eat something. I showed them...I puked it right back up.

And oh holy crud, I heard him say I might be back there tomorrow to have my picture taken. I have lots of pictures and I'm sure the Woman could email one to him, but no, he might want a picture of my insides! I don't even want to think about how they're gonna get the camera in there.

They're all pretty sure I throw up when I eat because my throat is filled with goopy sticky stuff and the food gets caught on it, so then I gag and throw it up. Since I know that, I'm just not too keen on eating. I did nibble a tiny bit on some chicken the Woman offered me, and the Man gave me some water out of a can of tuna, and I licked some of that up.

I know I have to eat, it's just not so easy when it comes right back up. I swear, I really am trying to get better. I have to so I can take care of that little black monster. They've been hiding him from me, but I know he's still here.

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