June 04, 2005

I hope they're happy.

I just didn't feel like waking anyone up last night, and this morning when they were up I still didn't feel like eating anything. I drank some water and I made sure the Woman saw me do that so they'd quit grabbing my skin to see how snappy it is, but as good as the food smelled I couldn't eat.

So you know what they did? They took me back to the stabby place! It was a different person there this time, not the bald guy but a woman, and even she wanted to shove something up my butt! Worse yet, I was so tired I let her! She gave the people some stuff and said I could go home; well yeah, it's not like I was staying there.

We get home, and the people did something not so nice--they shoved this chunk of something into my mouth and wouldn't let me go until I swallowed it. And it wasn't even food. It was just a CHUNK. I walked away from them and went to sit by the window, making sure they knew I was super pissed off.

A little bit later the Man put a plate with some tuna down in front of me. It was like my stomach poked back at me and said "um, hello? I would like some of that," so I tried a bite. And it didn't make me want to throw up, so I tried nother bite. Next thing I knew, it was all gone.

I kind of wanted some more, but that was pretty tiring. And I heard the Woman say I could have anything I wanted later, so I'll try to eat again in a little while. If nothing else, I have to eat so they stop taking me to the stabby place.

That lady there today, though, she smelled good. I didn't want to, but I had to sniff her. Sometimes a guy just can't help himself, you know.

Four hours later:
They tried to shove another one of those chunks in my mouth, and then held me there trying to make me swallow it. Well I showed them! I was on top of the dresser where there was a pair of the Woman's pants, so I puked on them.

She didn't even have the decency to be upset about it. Heck, she even clened up the rest of my vomit with those pants. And they think I'm the pscyho one.

I heard them say they're going to try giving me that chunk again in a little while. Oh no they are not!

They tried giving me shrimp a while ago, but I couldn't eat it. Which is totally not fair, because it was an entire cut piece of real live fresh dead shrimp.

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