June 16, 2005

After this afternoon I can only com to one conclusion:

Buddah does not have a brain.

The People let us "play" today. Since Buddah's idea of play is to sink his teeth into me, I decided it was time to let the little monster have it. He wants to wrestle, fine, we'll wrestle, no holds barred.

But even after he's been smacked around, tossed off a bed, flipped onto his back, and bitten, he keeps coming back for more! I smacked his little butt down so many times he's got to have a dozen bruises, but he didn't get it. Oh, he cried a couple of times, but did the fact that it hurt set off any warning bells in his empty little head?

No, I tried to walk away and he kept jumping on me. I'd flip him over and stomp on him, he'd get up and try again. There's no comprehension there; he doesn't grasp the notion that I'm 5 times his size, and if I want, I can break him in two.

But I suppose if he had the ability to think, he wouldn't have bit the Woman on the face today. She was watching TV and he just walked up ever-so-calm, and bit her cheek. If I hadn't been on the other side of the door, I might have whomped him for that.

Well, after laughing at the Woman. She should have seen it coming. He's all toothy. Someday maybe he'll realize that the Peoples' things are supposed to meet gruesome, toothy deaths, not the actual People.

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