June 25, 2005

I had high hopes that the collar was a thing of the past. I mean, they took it off when I the bald guy at the stabby place shaved my neck and then stabbed me to get blood, and then they left it off.

I was seriously enjoying the no-collar feel. Every time they scratched under my chin, they'd rub my neck where the collar used to be, and that felt freaking good.

But no. Buddah is now a "big boy" (please, gag me already) so it was time to get him a collar with his name tag on it. While they were at it, they bought me a new one--a stretchy one, something that Buddah can get his claws into, pull back, and snap right into my throat.

Oh yeah,that was an inspired idea.

Then again, his is all stretchy, too, and he probably has no clue what I can do with it...

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