October 28, 2013

The Party Was AWESOME!!!

Doods! That was an off-the-hook party and it made my 10th about 53 kinds of wicked cool! Thanks for coming and playing and eating and drinking...and whoever pooped outside the box by the washing machine...heh. The Woman said to thank everyone because as house trashing parties go, you guys were nice and tidy and didn't leave a huge mess, and the guest dogs even licked all the plates clean!

After everyone left, we sat down and ran the number of comment minus the ones she and I made through a generator, and these are the ten commenters that are going to get an Amazon gift card:

  • Tillie and Georgia
  • Shaggy and Scout
  • MargB
  • The Meezers & Billy
  • Jeter Harris
  • Kate
  • Darling Millie
  • conny warren
  • Beau Beau & Angie
  • amorrissey (Kaylee, Scrappy, etc.)
Those were the names used to comment with. If it's you, drop the Woman a line at kathompson -at- gmail -dot - com and put "Max's 10th" in the subject line. In the message, please leave your name and snail mail address is you want a physical card. If you want just the Amazon gift code (which you can use just like the card, but quicker) just tell her your name and the email address you want her to send it to.

Don't be shy...if you won, let us know! The holidays are coming and you can use your card to get anything Amazon sells!

I really wish I could give everyone who came a card, so I hope my genuine thanks is enough for those who didn't win. These last 10 years have been 1,467,198,399 kinds of awesome fun, and it would have sucked donkey balls without you all.

Thanks, doods. YOU ROCK!!!

October 26, 2013


Doods, it's here! I made it to 10 years with my blog, and that means we need to PARTY! Everyone transport over and we'll trash this place like no place has ever been trashed before!

There's food:

Real live fresh dead shrimps!
Hot dogs!
And for your beverage pleasures: Nipojitos and Niptinis:

Freshly made!
Plus, I have a couple of water fountains and Buddah has a mug for those who choose to not imbibe.

And we have toys!

The best nip bananas
Funky green things!
And for those who prefer to get their nip fresh for rolling in or nomming:

The music will be loud, the play rough as you want (or not), the food drinks plentiful (the Woman will replace as needed, so nom all you want), and doods, the fact that you're here will make this party TEN KINDS OF AWESOME!

Now, it's not a party without prizes, right? So at the end of the party--the People say we have to be done by Sunday at around 8pm Pacific Time--there will be prizes.

Since it's my 10th blogoversary, 10 of you doods are going to win a $25 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is comment. Comment anything you want (but play nice!) and comment as often as you want (but you know, not just "comment." PLAY WITH US!) After the party is over, I'll number the comments, and run them through a random number generator, and then post the lucky winners.

So party your asterisks off until Sunday and then come back Monday to see if you're gonna get to shop at Amazon!

And doods...thank you for all these wicked fun years. When I started blogging I couldn't find any other kitties and thought it was just me talking to the people out there. But then I found Timothy Dickens and Prince Muddy Paws, and others followed, and the CB has EXPLODED since then. It's been amazing.

So yeah, we deserve a PARTY?



October 24, 2013


Yep, Just two more days until my 10th blogoversary. 

You're gonna come celebrate with me, right? 

There just might be a giveaway, so you don't wanna miss it!

Maybe we'll even sit on Buddah's toys!
Don't forget! 

October 26th, 2013!

October 20, 2013


The Woman has had a cold for the last few days. This means lots of noise coming from her, as she sniffs and coughs and sneezes and hacks. It's disgusting, but there's not a lot I can do about it.

It also means lots of naps, because she sleeps a lot when she doesn't feel well. I don't mind this at all, because it means she leaves a giant warm place for me to curl up on after she gets up.

Another bonus is that she doesn't feel like doing much, so she sits here and watches TV all day when she's not napping, and I get her lap.

But tonight she crossed a line.

Tonight, as I jumped into her lap, she sneezed. And it wasn't one of those achoo sneezes. It was an ACHOO sneeze, the kind that hits a person so fast they can't cover their mouth. And she sneezed that giant surprise sneeze right into my face.


I know it's not her fault, but I'm not so sure I can forgive her for it. Because...doods...cooties.

I'm crawling with people-cooties.



October 16, 2013

In just 10 days...

...yep, just ten days...

this blog turns 10 years old.


See how impressed I am?
I wasn't even 3 years old when I started it. I was a little over two years old, and here I am now, 12.

Ten years seems like something to be celebrated.

I'm not 100% sure how, but it should be something spiffy.

So stayed tuned.



October 12, 2013

Dang. Six Days?

Yeah, doods, I really didn't mean to go almost a whole week without posting anything. I'm not exactly sorry about that, though, because I've been busy sitting in front of the open window while cool breezes come through the screen.

Yep, that's what I've been doing: just enjoying the nice weather and that the People have windows and the front door open. If I'm not asleep, I'm either looking out the window or looking out the front door and soaking up the Cool.

And oh man, I can see more out the front door now! A few weeks ago the Younger Human came over and chopped up the giant bush that was blocking me being able to see anything. There's still not much to see, but at least I can see more of the Not Much.

Also, I heard the Man say something about calling Fireplace Guy to come clean the fireplace, and that means Fireplace Weather is coming soon! I'll have open windows during the day and warms at night.

It's a good life, it really is.

October 06, 2013

Hey. Whatever works.

Ok. So. I wanted the Woman to get up this morning to open a can for me, because it was Hungry O'Clock and the Man was still asleep and Bast knows Buddah is useless when it comes to obtaining the noms. I reasoned that the Woman went to sleep last night before the Man did, so she should be the one to get up.

Now, sometimes she sticks her head under a pillow, which makes getting her attention a bit tricky. Usually I just shove my head under it right next to hers and meow into her ear, but dang, doods, that puts me right near Death Breath, and lately it's been even worse (she SAYS she brushes her teeth before she goes to bed, but guys...I'm doubting it. Because her mouth smells like month old kitty litter.)

I didn't want to stick my head under there.

So, I climbed on top of the pillow that was on her head, and plopped down.

All 16 pounds of me.


Now, the great thing about being on a pillow on top of a person's head--aside from the weight--is that every meow rips right through the pillow and seeps into their skull, so they hear it extra loud. With a bit of an echo. I didn't even mind that she pretended to keep sleeping (I knew better) because I knew she was getting to hear me on a whole new level.

When she caved and started to push the pillow off her head...let's just say I hunkered down a little harder, just to send a message.

I bet tomorrow she doesn't try to ignore me.

October 04, 2013

I don't eat those. Nope.

There was one of these thingies flying around the living room tonight. I noticed it because the Woman was all, "Holy carp, you guys, DO YOUR CAT JOB!" while wagging her pointy finger at it as it darted back and forth.

I admit, I was interested for a few seconds, because, hey! Flying thing!

But then I realized I would have to chase it. Then catch it. And then she would want me to eat it instead of just ripping its wings off.

I'm down with ripping off the wings. Not so much with eating it.

So I chased it for like 5 seconds, and Buddah chased it. I jumped up on a chair to watch, and he managed to smack it out of the air with his paw, and I think he hurt it because it sure as heck wasn't flying anywhere after that.

I don't know if Buddah ate it or not because I didn't want to watch that part of it, but no one can find it now and he was heard burping as he walked down the hall.

For about a minute, it really was entertaining. Buddah is useful after all...

October 03, 2013

An interjection from the Woman

A couple of people have asked about Max's health; they are worried because it seems like just before the release of Bite Me, and since then, he's talked a lot about death and dying, and a good deal of the book touches on the subject.

I just wanted to assure everyone that aside from being grumpy and 12, Max is fine.

I think that because of the book, and the timing of the loss of several of his friends here that it seems like he is death obsessed for a personal reason, but (barring anything catching us totally by surprise, and keeping in mind that he is a senior kitty) he's well.

I appreciate the concern. Thank you!