May 17, 2019


My brain is broken trying to figure this out, and the Woman isn't faring any better. Since I post to Facebook almost every day, a bazillion years ago the Woman linked my page to my Twitter account, so that those posts would push to Twitter. And she set up Twitter so that my posts would push to the blog (over there in the sidebar.) But we noticed this morning that nothing has pushed to Twitter in a couple of week, and we can't figure it out.

The page shows as still linked on Facebook, and if I post directly to Twitter it does push to the blog. But I'd really rather just post once to FB and let things propagate because I'm lazy that way.

If you never noticed the Twitter posts...yep, right there in the sidebar. If they're truncated, you can click through and see them on FB (no FB account needed)...or at the bottom of the widget there's a "See on Twitter" link, it'll take you to my Twitter profile, which has all my tweets.


This really sucks.

Grumpy was only seven years old. I remember when she first popped up on Reddit, posted by her owner's brother. I seriously dug her then, and when the memes and stuff started rolling out, I was super stoked by it all. 

I can't believe she's gone. Seven is just too young.

I am pretty sure about one thing: she got to the Bridge, saw how wonderful it is and all the cats waiting for her, sat down, and grunted I hate it.

May 02, 2019


I have a tendency to push food off my plate when I'm eating, so the people started putting it in a little bowl.

I did not like that.

So they went out and bought ten pasta bowls, thinking that it was close enough to a plate, but a lot bigger than my little plate, so my food would not go all over the place.

I did not like that.

So now we're back to my little plates, which I like, and they get to stand there while I eat so someone can push food away from the edge and into a neat little, easy to grab with my mouth pile, 4-5 times until I'm done eating.

I eat 5-6 times a day now.

They are not happy.

I like that.