June 29, 2005

Hey. Lady. I'm snarky, not mean. Don't be so surprised if I let the little monster nibble a bite or two off my plate. He sucks his food down so fast I'm surprised we're not all caught up in the vortex created by it, and he still wants more...and look at him. His ribs are still sticking out and last time I tackled him I nearly cut myself on those sharp vertebrae. The little pest needs more food. He doesn't look over his shoulder during breakfast and dinner so much anymore, he's not as jumpy about it, and I'm pretty sure he understands that there will always be something to eat available, and no one is going to knock him away from his wet food and take it, but he's skittish. You would be, too, if you'd lived with a matter of scarf it down or don't eat.

Besides, he took my collar off for me twice yesterday, so I owed him a little.

And don't look at me sideways. So yeah, after he finished his dinner he went into the living room, and then I went and got him and brought him back to my plate, but that doesn't mean anything. I think I got a little more than he did tonight, so there was enough to share. He only took a couple of bites.

No, that doesn't mean I like him. It means I'm going to put up with him because I have to, and because he's a baby and you're not feeding him enough, I have to.

I hope you're happy.

My tummy is now growling and I'll have to lower myself to eating that dry crap you leave out. And that's if I can get Buddah away from the bowl for 2 minutes.

Please feed him more tomorrow. If you don't, I'll have to poop on your pillow, or maybe even bite things on you in your sleep.

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