August 01, 2019

There's a new Wick short!

Yep...pop on over to The Wick Chronicles website and read the first Wick short story, A Day in the Life. This is the first of a planned 10-12 or so...some will be long, some will be short, but all will be free to read (and it really helps of you've read the books.)


Today there was a stranger in the house, sitting at the table talking to the people about getting a new patio cover. I'm not sure why they thought I would be antisocial, but I walked up and said hello, and a few minutes later when he was in the kitchen looking at pens the Man made, I asked him if he would read up into the cabinet he was in front of and open a can for me. The Woman seems amazed that I would get that close to someone new and especially that I would talk to them, but he seemed harmless and there was a chance he would feed me. Slim chance, but still.

I walked away disappointed, and the dood walked away with a new pen. And apparently, we're getting a new patio cover. I am not as happy about that as the people are.


 Last night we finished watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Doods, if you haven't seen it, watch it. It's freaking weird and was really good. And it's been renewed, so there will be another season to look forward to.

The downer is that there are no cats in it. They need a cat.


 I dunno what a Red Vine is, but if the Woman doesn't get one soon she's going to wind up eating the entire kitchen. Cabinets and all, I think. Man, if she does that, tomorrow's poop is going to seriously hurt.