June 07, 2005


I didn't just eat a tiny bit, I ate almost a whole meal! And I didn't gag or throw it up. I just ate it and it stayed down, and it made the People very happy. In fact, the Woman was saying that, "You don't know how happy you just made me, Big Guy."

Well I did know, but I wasn't going to get into a big sloppy hug fest. I licked my paws and then walked away. She offered me more, but my tummy had had enough for the moment.

This morning she took me back to the stabby place so they could stick more water under my skin. I didn't like that, but I didn't fight them even though I felt like I could. I really think I could have gotten my teeth into someone and made them cry, but I didn't. I took it like a man.

I hate to admit it, but I know everyone at the stabby place was just trying to make me feel better.

I'm still not all the way better, but I think I'm getting there. When I cough, the Woman says it doesn't sound like I'm trying to turn myself inside out anymore. She's worried because there's a new chunk they're going to TRY to shove down my throat and she's afraid it will make my tummy all sensitive again, but for today, I don't feel too bad.

I even took a well needed bath. Not that I'm all that stinky, but these People, sheesh. They got that icky brown goop all over me. It might even be on places I can't reach.

Ok, I am still tired, so I need to take another nap (I took a nice 2 hour one on the Woman's legs today...and she just sat there! She didn't move!) And I think they want me to take a nap so Buddah Butt can come out of the Younger Human's bedroom for a while. Supposedly the little monster needs more space to run around and be spastic, but they still don't want him jumping on me.

But soon...soon enough I will be able to teach him all about bowing down to me.

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