November 23, 2017

The People Have Returned

Okay, they actually came home a few days ago, but they've been simmering in Ouch Stew and that hasn't exactly been conducive to me getting to use the computer. They were gone for 5 days, which in cat time is like 3 years, so I had to ignore them for a while because they expected me to miss them and I had to let them know that no, I did not. The substitute human made sure we got fed enough had water, and she scooped the litter box, which filled most of my basic needs.

Granted, I did not let her get too close to me, but Buddah is a whore and he allowed himself to be petted. This is super funny because the Woman is mostly afraid to touch him because he enjoys biting her. But shove a total stranger at him, and sure, pet me, pet me good (she was not a total stranger to the Woman. Hell, I met her first. The substitute human was DKM's niece, not the Grandma, but we get the Grandma in January.)

The People seem pretty happy with how the boobie walk went. The Woman did not get sick this time, which was what she most hoped for since she has a bad track record with getting sick on event. They skipped a couple miles each day--hills that they knew better than to try, even though the Woman really wanted to try the first big hill but once she got a good look at it she knew if she wanted to be able to walk on days 2 and 3 she probably shouldn't--but racked up 54 of the 60.

And I've seen pictures...they had way too much fun doing something that was supposed to be hard.

Apparently, the people of San Diego like to keep boobie walkers as pain free as possible, so they stand on the side of the road and hand out a lot of red stupid drinks. As well as red stupid treats. This picture? As I understand it, the Woman is sucking down a Jello shot. And she sucked down 3-4 of those every day, and that was just the start of the imbibing.

There was a lot of Fireball along the way--her favorite stupid drink--and I heard the Man tell her she probably had 12 or more shots along the way.

I mean, look at this. They drank shots of Fireball off a ski! And that was just the first day! Now, she's telling me all the drinking was medicinal, and she partook because she was in pain and it helped her finish every day, but I know a steaming pile of poop when I see it. But, hey, whatever makes her feel better about it.

It got them both to this:

Which led to them getting to this:

That's their team, the Pink Slips. They raised over $20,000 for the fight against breast cancer, and then got out there and walked their asterisks off.

Since today is Thanksgiving, I suppose I can admit, I am thankful they do stuff like this even if it means I get substitute humans. I'm thankful they can do stuff like this. I have taught them well over the years.

Happy Thanksgiving, doods.

They had lots of nice views on the walk. I suppose I should also be thankful they came home and didn't stay because it was so nice there.

November 14, 2017


It's that time of year. The time I am abandoned while the Woman goes somewhere and walks for boobies. This year she's taking the Man along with her, and forcing him to walk alongside her. I mean, he LIKE boobies--who doesn't--but it seems a little mean to me. He could be staying home and catering to my every whim, but noooo.

It really sucks because we've been writing and I've coughed up a good story and I want to work on it, but she's taking the typing fingers with her.

Just because these pictures make me LOL