August 31, 2006

w00t! I found a couple of blogs that are new to me.
Well, ok, I didn't FIND them, peoples emailed and TOLD me about them.
That's kinda like finding them, right?

Missy & KC
Skeeter & LC
The Moggyblog

Some of you already found 'em and didn't tell me, so my nose is outta joint and I'm not sharing my crunchy treats.

Well, that's IF I get any crunchy treats tonight.

The People have been very stingy with them lately.

OK, I'll share. But only because you're not begging and biting me...

August 29, 2006

Oddz N Endz

  • It's not fair to open the cupboard with the Stinky Goodness cans and add more to it without giving the kitties some Stinky Goodness
  • It's really not fair to use the slow cooker thingy to fix something all meaty smelling for your dinner because that drives the kitties nuts with all the good smells
  • Letting strange people in to look at where we live bothers the kitties. Don't do it again
  • If the man who owns the house wants people to look at it he should give you a bajrillion dollars or wait until we're gone
  • I only wanted to sit on the desk when there was crap in the way. Now that you cleared off a giant spot, I don't want to sit there
  • No, I am not amused by the way you play fetch with Buddah. Frankly, I find it disturbing. Am I the only one who realizes that 1)he is not a dog, and 2)that is not a real mouse you're throwing?
  • I know you went shopping today. So why did I get no presents?
  • No, I don't care if you have to pee. I want to sit in your lap. Deal with it
  • If you forget to give me my chunk tonight, I promise to not poop on your pillow...

August 27, 2006

Man...instead if hiding my chunks in my food, the People have started shoving them down my throat again. Just because I tasted the beefy Stinky Goodness the other night and refused to eat it. I relly don't want their dirty fingers in my mouth... I've seen what those people scratch and I would prefer they keep away from my lips and tongue, thankeweveddymuch.

The Woman says they don't want to ruin the taste of my Stinky Goodness since I don't get as much of it anymore. Yeah, right, like what I like was a consideration...I'm not stupid, they just didn't want to risk me not eating it.

She's also happy because it doesn't seem like I'm gaining weight on the dry crunchy food. Hello...? Could it be because it's healthy weight control crunchy food?

I still haven't told them I like it. Why should I make them feel good about taking away some Stinky Goodness???

August 25, 2006

It's The PsychoKitty Caption Game!

Just think of a caption, and submit it in the comments.

If the first kitty playing assigns a name to the kitty in the picture, then that's the name everyone has to use!

August 24, 2006

Today the Woman did some laundry, so I did like any good kitty would: as soon as she said "Do NOT get on my clean clothes," I jumped into the warm basket filled with clean clothes.

She reached down and picked me up.

So I did what works really well on Buddah...I growled at her.

Did she put me down? Did she tremble with fear?

Phfft. She liften me up higher, made me look at her, and said "You DO NOT growl at me."

Obviously, I do.

You think she would have grasped that fact when I did it.

The next laod coming out of the dryer is white clothes. You know I'm gonna jump on those!

August 21, 2006

You know, it's pretty freaking sneaky for people to cut back on the Stinky Goodness when the kitties are trying their best to be really good and cute and not snarky at all. And we are being good, realy good. I'm not telling the Woman I kind of like the dry crunchy food she's been leaving out for us...she's not home much to notice how much I enjoy it. Once everything is back to normal, I'll try to make her feel guilty about the lack of Stinky Goodness. Until then...that's some pretty tasty crunchy stuff!

August 16, 2006


Buddah and I are taking a very short blog break while we do the cute thing and try to make the people feel better.

The reason is here...

August 10, 2006

I was tagged by Kimo & Sabi to list 5 weird things about myself. However, since there is nothing weird about me, I will list five interesting things about me.

  1. I can whisper
  2. I have an internal clock that is eerily accurate--it always knows when it's time to eat
  3. I can poop at will
  4. I punch the Woman in the eye almost everyday
  5. I have never had a bath by any means other than my own, unless you count getting my butt washed off with a rag.

Now the Woman, there are definitely some weird things about her...

  1. She can't go anywhere alone for the first time
  2. She'd rather go to the dentist than make a phone call
  3. She thinks she had a brain tumor once, but I think someone has to have a brain for that first
  4. She stabs herself every day
  5. She's so lazy that she has a little fridge in her office so she doesn't have to go downstairs to get a soda

I could go on and on and on about her weirdness....

About moving...what I can gather from listening to the People talk, the guy that owns this house wants to sell it, so we have to move. The Woman thinks she's getting excited about it. See, another weird thing. I think she's insane.

August 08, 2006

Oh holy...

They said the M word again.
And they mean it.
They are not happy, and I am not going to be happy when it happens, either.

August 06, 2006

In case you didn't hear, Millie got her forever home AND a blog! Go say hi!

Added later:
New Cat Blog On the Block y'all gotta check out... Kimo & Sabi ... go one. Go see. I know you want to.

August 03, 2006

Summertime Secret Paws!

Today Buddah and I got our secret paws presents! And our secret paw was AYLA!!!!

She sent us mousies and nip balls, and a really cool kitty crack bag that I snagged all for my own. Buddah is having 32 kinds of fun with the mousies and nip balls...just as long as he stays away from my new crack bag!

The Woman added some pctures of us investigating the presents in her Flickr thingy, in the Summertime Secret paws folder.


August 02, 2006


We're gonna do it. We're gonna write a book.

WEB PAGE WITH INFO IS HERE (clicky, clicky...)

...and there's a link to the right sie of the page, right up top, that will stay there.

Oks. Here's the deal. You don't have to be a "writer." You don't have to think you're super good. You just have to like to write. Poetry, essays, fiction, even black and white line drawings. Ideally we want to wind up with enough stuff to fill 100-200 pages of a 6 x 9 trade paperback book.

Write On!

  • Stories should have something to do with kitties, but don't have to.
  • It would be cool to have a big chunk of this by written "by the kitties," using their kitty names.
  • There will be a section for Voice From The People, wherein stories, etc will be "by People."
  • You will retain ALL RIGHTS to your work.

Hey Matthew! If you write something, we'll have a special chapter: The Sticky Little Person Speaks Out!

If we have everything submitted by October 15, the book should be ready to order by the first week of November, and in the major online bookstores by December 1st.

If you're artistic and are interested in doing a cover, that would totally be cool, too. A front cover image would need to be 6.5 x 9.5 CYMK at 300 dpi (important stuff should not be in the outer .5 inches...) in .tif or .png format (other formats can be used, but will be converted...)