July 31, 2012

Man, if I were an outside kitty, I would totally learn how to do this.

And then I would go freak out all the neighbors.

July 25, 2012

The window has two sliding parts that open, but one of them the screen fell off so the people never open it. So when the other side is open, this sometimes happens:

Yeah, I'm not thrilled about it, but what can I do? Well, aside from bitch slapping him off the couch and onto the floor, but that would get me into trouble. Plus I had just eaten dinner and didn't feel like moving much.

And he didn't stay long. Luckily.

If he had stayed...well, I might have reconsidered and pushed him off. Might have been fun.

July 21, 2012

She took a shower.
No prompting, she just went and did it.
Hallelujah, we can breathe easy again.

I think this means I don't have to work so hard at helping her get better...Which is good, because I'm exhausted from taking care of her. In fact, I think I'll go take a nap...

July 19, 2012

Doods! This guy has THE TUFF!

I wonder if he can take down a vishus deer, too...

July 17, 2012

See, the Woman is getting better...

I offer this as proof, so just ignore the fact that the Man is giving me skritches from the other chair.

Look closely; I am on the Woman's lap.

She is wearing PANTS. Real pants, not shorts-that-could-be-underwear-pants.

When a person starts wearing pants again, they feel  a little better.

She's been the one to open cans for us in the evening for the past few nights, which is another good sign. And she gave me some crunchy treats this afternoon, just because.

What she hasn't done is help me work on my book, but I'll let that slide for a few more days. She's got pants on but I don't think her brain has fully engaged yet.

I hope it's not permanent. I just thought about that. If this is a good as she's gonna get, I might be screwed.


July 12, 2012

Okay, this is why I haven't posted lately, or been able to visit my friends:

Yep, my staff has been ill and the only thing going on around here has been making sure she doesn't wander outside the house in her underwear and snoopervising her prolonged periods of rest.

Seriously, doods, she's been like part cat, sleeping almost as much as we do.

It hasn't been too bad for Buddah and me; the Man stayed home from passing gas to open cans for us, and he even kept our litter box scooped out reasonably well. But man, I'm glad she's starting to feel a little better because all this checking on her and sniffing to make sure she's still in there inside her head is exhausting.

Major props to Mao for covering Ask Max Monday for me this week. I just couldn't get online to do it, what with all the sleeping that was going on around here. I appreciate it, bud!

July 01, 2012

Look at this.

Do you see me anywhere in this picture? NO. The Woman went out yesterday and SHE GOT TO MEET CHEY and Chey's people AND SHE DIDN'T TAKE ME.

What the heck, doods?

Oh and the Food Lady was there AND DKM was there. But me?



I may never get over this.