June 30, 2008

They hate me...

This Isn't Happening...

I didn't make a fuss, I didn't cry, I didn't howl...but I made sure they knew I was ready to go back in the house after 5 minutes. Which, surprisingly, is longer than Buddah was outside.

Now keep in mind the little freak was upset because they put me in the stroller first, and followed us to the door, his ears flat and tail flicking like It's not fair!!! But then he got to go out and was so scared that the People turned around and brought him back to the house.

And you know where he is now? He's in the freaking stroller.


June 28, 2008

  • Buddah is better. He never lost his appetite or anything, and today he's not breathing fast at all. There goes my plans for single kittyhood.
  • The air is better. Still not perfect, and the people are whining about not being able to open the windows yet, but it's much better
  • The Man stuck me in the stroller today. He didn't zip it up or anything, but still. That was not nice. I think I'm going to poop on his pillow.
  • I asked very nicely to have Stinky Goodness early tonight, and the Woman said "No food right now." Then she sat down and ate a waffle. I think I'm going to treat her shoes to a toothy death tonight.
  • Ummm...that's all...

June 26, 2008

Ok...the fire is 100% contained, but not out yet. It's super smoky around here today; look out the window and you'd think it was the middle of winter, with that drab gray sky feeling like it should be wicked cold out.

The people haven't opened a window in days, and they keep the a/c going, but I heard the People today discussing Buddah. They think the smoke is getting to him a little, because he's kind of quiet and while he's not gasping for air, his breathing rate is up a little.

When the Man went to buy us some crunchy food at the stabby place he mentioned it, and they said something like, well yeah, the animals are breathing the same crappy air we are. So I don't think we need to worry about him yet. He's eating and drinking and begged for the Woman's yogurt tonight.

The People have itchy eyes and I heard the Woman cough a few times, so it's bothering them more now, too. Hopefully by the end of the weekend the skies will clear up and the People will stop whining about the whole deal.

June 24, 2008

Nothing says Good Morning to a person like a cold, wet kitty nose on their closed eyelid...

Lots of kitties and people are curious about the fires around here...there's a really big one not far from us, maybe 12-15 miles, in an area where the people like to ride their rumbly bikes. The last we heard the fire ate up over 4,000 acres, but was 90% contained, so there's hope they'll get in 100% under control by tonight. It's filled the air here with smoke, but the people are keeping the windows closed and they run the a/c so Buddah and I don't have problems.

The other day the Woman had problems outside but she was ok inside. Yesterday they said it wasn't too bad out and they even took Buddah outside for about 5 minutes. Today the smoke came and went. What's bad are the winds, even the breezes here are stiff compared to other places we've lived, so there's always the worry about the wind whipping up a few sparks and making the fire worse.

We're ok, though. If not for the news on TV and the people talking, we'd nevre know anything was going on.

June 22, 2008

So far Budah really likes that stroller. The People haven't taken him out for a walk yet (or me either, which would result in bloodshed and poop) because it's been so hot (and today the sky is filled with smoke), but he likes to get in it and play with a toy. Or take a nap. Whatever floats his boat.

The rest of my birthday was pretty good. I got to take as many naps as I wanted, and later there was SHRIMP! and ROAST BEEF! and later on STINKY GOODNESS! What more could a guy ask for?

Tomorrow the Younger Human is coming over to make pizza for the People, and I am very excited about seeing him...but of course I can't let him know that, so I'll keep my distance, but at least I get to see him.

June 20, 2008

Oh Holy...

Oh Holy...

This is what I get for my birthday? THIS???
There better be shrimp later.

June 17, 2008

I heard someone say the words "Shrimp on Friday!" Real live fresh dead shrimp! But it's only Tuesday, and I don't think I can wait that long.

Why do People tease us like this? I'd go decorate a shoe or pillow or something, but I don't want to risk not getting that shrimp...

June 14, 2008


Look! There's birds outside!

The Woman thinks we were bird watching together and got excited about it because we weren't fighting or anything. But really, we were discussing the litter boxes. Note I am looking away from Buddah, to distract her from our talking. She thinks we're chittering at the birds.

No, we were plotting our next move in the Great Breeze Box War of 2008. Now, Buddah likes the Breeze Box and thinks it's a fine thing to pee in, and I can't exactly disagree with him, but I have a war to win. So we agreed that he can keep peeing in it, but NO POOP. I will continue doing my biznezz in my treasured Tidy Cat Scoopable (immediate odor control for multiple cats...I had that even when it was just me, because my poop is THAT POWERFUL.)

This way, the Woman can get herself all hopeful and excited and stuff because someone is obviously continuing to use the Breeze Box, but she can't just take the old box away because someone else obviously is not. This creates more work for her, and amuses us.

June 13, 2008

Today is going to suck so hard for the Cat Blogosphere, and most of you know why.

2/1/1996 - 6/13/2008

Stormie fought the good fight, fought it hard, and in the end, realized that she won. She put the smack down on lymphoma twice and decimate tumors three times, but a battle that hard just wears a kitty out, and she decided it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge, where she didn't have to fight anymore. Her people are kind enough to let her go, even though it's going to tear giant holes in their hearts.

The silver lining, aside from that Storm finally gets to rest, is that she has friends waiting at the Bridge for her. If you hear an odd rumble floating in the wind today, you know there's a wicked fun game of Thundering Herd of Elephants going on.

If you haven't already, go read Storm's Victory Goodbye. She did indeed win...and we loose. But at least we got to know her.

June 12, 2008

Battle Of The Breeze Box Day 6...or...You Can Lead A Kitty To New Litter, But You Can't Make Him Poop

I am stubborn. I will win. And thusly, did I poop in hallway right outside the bathroom where the litter boxes are.

Now, I was entirely polite in how I went about this. I did not like the fact that there were Breeze pellets covering my beloved Tidy Cat scoopable litter, so I did what any cat would do.

I held it.

All day.

In fact, holding it was making me feel so miserable that when the Woman gave us our Stinky Goodness last night that I ate half of it and then immediately barfed it up. I was going to just eat it off the floor again because, hey, it wasn't digested or anything, but she cleaned it up. I finished what was on my plate, and the people went about their own business.

Except...I had biznezz to do and I absolutely didn't want to do it there.

So I yelled out "Please come move this stuff off my box" and the Woman hollered back "I'll give you more to eat later."

I did not ask about food. So I repeated my request and she said something else about food, so I just went over near the bathroom and let it loose. At least I did it on the tile where it's easily cleaned up.

So then I went and said "Hey! I just dumped a load on the floor, you might want to take care of that," and she said, "I said later, Max."

So I jumped on the table where I had a clear view of her at her desk and said "Lady, in fifteen minutes the smell of that is gonna hit you, and you're gonna wonder what died in here, and I'm telling you right now you might wanna go check and clean it up!"

She sighed really hard and turned in her chair and said, "I haven't heard you talk this much in years. I'll feed you more later, all right? I promise. Let your tummy settle."

I jumped off the table and wandered over to plop down on the floor near her and said, "Fine. But don't say I didn't tell you."

Ten minutes later the Man came downstairs and wandered through the kitchen, and hollered out, "Someone pooped on the floor..."

As he was cleaning it up she FINALLY got up and went to see (like he would lie about that?) and said, "You know, he was trying to tell me something, but I thought he wanted more food."


Yeah, this is where you point and laugh at the Woman.

So. They're pretty sure I'm not using the Breeze box at all, so that leaves either Buddah or the Man, and I'm not discounting the Man, because you know People. They might do stuff like that to convince kitties it's a good thing. And while I'll pretty much poop anywhere, it has to be on my terms. After all, I am the kitty who held it for a couple days after I got nootered and declawed because I didn't want to use shredded newspaper. I used an empty box, but not the newspaper.

The Woman, btw, dutifully removed a large portion of the Breeze pellets from my box. There's still about half of them there, but I can see and feel my Tidy Cat scoopable, so I'll poop there. For now.

Oh, and she kept her promise. We got a little more Stinky Goodness later. I don't know why Buddah got more because he didn't barf, but I can't complain too much because I did get some, after all...

June 11, 2008

Ummm. I'm not naming names, but someone peed in the new box while the People were sleeping last night.

I'd say who, but that'd be telling.

I'm not a snitch.


June 10, 2008

William asked in comments of the last post: Oh, man. How would our moms like it if we changed the composition of their toilets? That's my question.

You know, that's a very good question. I bet they would get all bent out of shape and would whine and stomp their feet about how unfair it is.

I just wish I had opposable thumbs, because if I did, when they weren't looking, I'd take that clear clingy wrap stuff and cover the bowl of their giant litter box with it, then put the seat down so they wouldn't suspect. See how they'd like that.

I reallllly had to go earlier, though, and I didn't think I'd make it upstairs to glorify her bed or closet with a little Max Funk, so I went in the old litter box with the pellets all over it. No choice, I had to. BUT! I did not bury it. I just let it sit there on top, festering.

I'll take my victories where I can get them.

June 09, 2008

Ohhhhh the Woman thinks she's all tricksy and stuff. You know what she did? She went and got a whole new bag of the Breeze pellets, and LOADED our regular box with them! Like we won't have a CHOICE what we do our biznezz on.

Oh, I have a choice.

She might want to check under the blankets before she gets into bed tonight.

June 07, 2008

Skeeter & LC & Ayla tagged me for their new Fill In The Blank Mememememememe, so I give you:

Fill in the blanks…

1. “……” makes me hiss! Buddah makes me hiss! Or at least growl some. The stabby guy for sure makes me hiss.

2. “......” and “…...” are my least favorite things ta do. Getting picked up and squeezed and being told oh your so sweet! and going to the stabby place are my least favorite things to do.

3. I would rather “…...” than get a treat. I would rather get Stinky Goodness than get a treat. Especially if I could have a whole can to myself. Or even shrimp! Real live fresh dead shrimp!

4. Nip leafs are good but “…...” is better. Nip leafs are good, but the whole freaking plant is better!

5. Looking at the TV is “…..”. unless I'm “…...” then its “…...”!Looking at the TV is boring, unless I'm watching General Hospital; then it's educational!

On the litter box front...we're still not using it and the Woman cleaned out the old box a little while ago because it really did stink. She says she's going to leave the Breeze box there for a while because it's not hurting anything to be there, plus she's stubborn and she thinks she might win. If I'da known it was a Stubborn Contest, I would have started a betting pool or something!

I know some kitties can take weeks to decide to try a new box...I might wait until she's decided she lost and we won, and then I'll drop a big nasty in it. That would be funny.

June 06, 2008

Mmm....yeaaahhh...so far no one's using the new litter box, at least not for its intended use. Buddah gets in it and sits, plays around with the pellets, but that's it. He got the Man all excited tonight when he sat in it (Buddah, not the Man...if the Man sits in it, I'll be sure to take pictures) and rant to tell the Woman that Buddah was using it. While he went to get her Buddah jumped into the old box and peed in it instead.

'Course, after he gets out the Woman goes to check and can smell pee, so she thinks FINALLY one of us used it, but nope. Still just messing with them.

We may have no choice soon. The old box is getting kind of ripe...

June 05, 2008

Heh...the new litter box might be worth it just for the entertainment value. The Woman set it up right next to the old one, and did like the directions said--she put some of the pellets in our old box, and didn't clean it today. We both had to go see what it was and pushed the pellets around, and since neither of us had to go right then, we walked away.

She was fine with that.

So later we decided to screw with her. Buddah went in and pushed the pellets around, and the People were all "Someone's using it!" When the Woman checked, she was very disappointed.

So then I went in and pushed the pellets around, and for good measure then I jumped into the old box and peed as loudly as I posibly could, and she was all "Someone's using it!" But then she checked, and was once again disappointed.

I think we're going to push those pellets around a lot, just to get her all excited.

She's not going to clean out the old box, so at some point we'll quit messing around with her and give the new one a try because we really hate dirty boxes. But until then...this is gonna be at least 3 different kinds of fun!

June 04, 2008

V I C T O R Y!


Heh...my, what a big tongue I have...

We won! After 198 votes overwhemingly in my favor, the People have bowed to the will of the kitties, and we get Stinky Goodness again! We're only going to get 1 can each per day, and the Woman is going to leave out just a little bit of the dry diet food, and she says "if you don't like it, don't eat it, but you're not going to be starving, so no whining."

We'll see.

It was an eye opening poll, for sure. It broke down like this:

  • 31% realize my awesomeness
  • 27% think I'm going to desecrate a pillow if I don't get some soon
  • 22% believe I'll be fat forever anyway
  • 16% are Buddah sympathizers
  • 5% are just mean, and can kiss my furry black and white ass.


I'm happy now. And. AND! My Breeze litter box system got here today! We are going to test it out and see how we like it, just like Skeeter & LC & Ayla did. I'll poop anywhere, so the People are pretty sure I'll use the box. Plus, I'm a Tidy Cat man, and it's from Tidy Cat, so it's got to be good. Right?

It's Here! Hurry Up! It's real! Take it out! Ok, I'll pose

They think they'll start us on it tomorrow, even though I keep begging for them to start tonight. I want them to open the box! But tonight the whole living room and kitchen in shambles because for whatever reason the Woman thought it would be fun to rearrange everything, only she got halfway done and realized she needed Man Muscle to move the TV and stuff, so she has to wait for the Man to be not too tired to help (he had to pass gas all day...that wears a guy out, you know.)

June 02, 2008

Ok, I totally won the Battle Of The Dry Food, remember? They tried mixing in that gross diet food in with my Lite food, and before I knew it it was mostly diet food, and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it.

So they caved. They went back to all Lite dry food, and guess what? My kitty zits are coming back. So that's one mystery solved...lite food gives a kitty zits and blackheads, and is not pleasant to look at.

So ya know what? I think I should get my Stinky Goodness back. I need you to help convince the People that this is the right thing to do. So please vote in my poll. My zitty chin depends on you.

And hey, People all over the U.S.A. are voting today, so it's only right that the kitties are, too! Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote!