December 03, 2022

Long TIme No Post...but here to offer a freebie

I'm not sure if anyone pokes their head here now, but just in case...

Max's Wick Chronicles lives on, and the latest book is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for the next week. 

Head to the post on The Lost Boys of EveryWhen blog to get it for your favorite e-reader (or computer...the Kindle app is available for the computer and works well.) Caveat: this is an uncorrected proof designed for beta readers, but we wanted it to be available for free prior to official publication, which isn't slated until next year.

These are still Max's books, and any future editions will also be his. There is no separating Max and Wick, despite some discussions between the editor and publisher. I don't know how many more Wick books there will be, but it's still close to my heart and they're the most fun I've had writing, so...there will be at least one more.