December 27, 2007

The Woman has a new clicky-flashy box. She clicked it at us TWO HUNDRED times in 2 days.

This is me, tired of being chased around with that danged thing....

No More Pictures

December 25, 2007

WOW! Lookit Santa Brought Me!

Look! Look what I Got!


Open, open, open Hey, kitty crack!

We got lots of fun stuffs. I got the fire thingies and kitty crack toys and crunchy treats and fluffy tribble toys, and Buddah got this really tall scratching post and crunchy treats and stuff, too. I think the People got good stuff, too, but I was tired by the time they opened their presents. I do know the Woman got a damned new clicky box that takes pictures even faster, and you know who she'll be annoying with that thing.

It was a really nice day. Everyone slept in, got to see what Santa brought and opened presents, we napped while the People went out to a movie, then we played some more, got lots of crunchy treats...and the Man says there's SHRIMP for later! REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD SHRIMP!

I can't wait for them to turn on the fire food thingy for me, I'm planning a nice long snooze right in front of it, and I might even let the Woman point that new clicky box at me.

December 24, 2007

December 21, 2007

Oh's really hard to curl up in bed and nap all day long--I'm trying to be good--when the Man goes around pushing the button on the beep-beep-beep-dinner's-done ceiling skwakers. All four of them! It was LOUD. And it's a good thing the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower has a hiding space at the bottom. I had to go there. Not because I was SCARED, but so that I wouldn't do anything to make Santa think I was being bad. Like pooping on someone's pillow. Or treating their stuff to a toothy death.

Being good is hard work, you know?

December 19, 2007

I'm totally feeling this...

funny pictures


December 18, 2007

I was not playing with the twist tie, no matter what the Woman thinks. I was simply relocating it to another part of the room, and lacking opposable thumbs, batting it about the floor was my only option.

Also, the Woman should know that if she does not wish me to lick the mostly empty soup pan, she should get off her lazy butt and actually do the dishes.


December 17, 2007

Sweeeet...the Woman got a pillow for my basket, and today they bough a big box full of fire food thingies, so I may just spend the next week asleep by the fire. If I stay there snoozing, I can't get in trouble, and this is one week I gotta be good!

December 15, 2007

Look! Fire!Well, it's about time.

There's no new pillow in my bed; the Woman did go out and buy one, but it was too small, so she folded up a fuzzy blanket and stuck it in there until she can get something that fits. And then the Man cleaned out the soot so that they could turn on the fire thingy for me tonight.

Buddah wanted to get in the basket but I said No! Not Yours! and he walked off, so I get the whole thing to myself!

I'm gonna go take a nap in front of the fire now.

Envy me.

December 14, 2007

Buddah and I were having a private conversation when the Woman stomped out of the bedroom and grumbled, "It's five in the freaking morning!" to which I replied, "So?"

She was not amused.

People, it's not our fault if you can't sleep through some gentle meowing. We were being quiet; I was not singing or howling, I was just talking to the little monster. I thought you wanted me to be nice to him.

It's also not our fault if you were awake until after four in the freaking morning. You're the one who just had to finish reading that book. If you'd gone to sleep at a normal time, chances are you would have been so deep asleep you would have slept right on through our plotting polite conversing.

Oh, and clean out the fire thingy. I want you to be able to turn it on already!

December 13, 2007

Because I was cold...

Me: Turn on the fire thingy
The Woman: What are you doing over there?
Me: Turn on the fire thingy!
The Woman: Oh! Are you cold?
Me: Duh.
The Woman: I can't light a fire right now. I have to clean it first.
Me: Well...clean it.
The Woman: I turned up the furnace.
Me: Fire! Now!
The Woman: Poor baby...Maybe tomorrow.

You know the oddest part of this whole thing? She understood what I wanted. Granted, she didn't get off her large bee-hind to clean out the fire thingy so that we could have a fire tonight, but she knew what I wanted!

The Apocalypse is upon us, isn't it?

December 11, 2007

Hey guys... Wendell is having dental surgery tomorrow and could use lots of good thoughts and Mojo and stuffs. He broke a tooth and some of it is still up in his if you wouldn't mind tossing a few good wishes and stuff his way, I'd appreciate it.

December 10, 2007


  • Apparently, if the Woman has just cleaned the counter, she does not want a kitty to walk across it.
  • She should have said so before I jumped up there.
  • Apparently, too, if she has just cleaned out the litterbox, complete with sweeping of the floor, she does not want a kitty to immediately make use of the box.
  • Nor does she want the kitty to kick litter out of the box.
  • She should have mentioned that before I got in to do my bizzness.
  • If she would clean more often, we'd have a better grasp of the rules.
  • The first donation to was made...$250!
  • The Woman is getting lots of complimentary email from people about the book.
  • Most of them aren't even blogging kitty people!
  • One was from One Wandom Woofy owner, who says we're all very talented.
  • Yes, there will be another one next year.
  • Like, why the heck not?
  • The book is on sale at the online stores!
  • The Woman does not have any more copies here, so if you want one that would be your best bet.
  • Unless you want, like, 20 copies, and then she can order from the printer.
  • I am trying to not chew the Christmas tree.
  • Because it's plastic.
  • And because Santa might see me if I do.
  • If Santa brings me shrimp, do you think he'll leave it in my stocking or in the fridge?
  • The Woman just swept the floor, so I need to get over there and walk through the little dust pile before she can get to the dustpan.

December 08, 2007

Hey, the Man got news about Snowball!

First, her name isn't Snowball anymore. Since their other cat is named Charlie, they renamed her Angel. Hahaha, Charlie's Angel. That's even better, because the Woman says she's as sweet as a little angel.

And she wasn't pregnant or full of worms...she had a poofy tummy because she's malnourished. So she's not getting her lady gardenectomy for a few more weeks, because the stabby guy wants to get her more nourished first. She had ear mites, though. And she woulda had fleas but the Woman squirted her neck with a little Die Flea Die stuff.

It sounds kinda odd, but the Woman was happy to hear that Angel was not going to have kitties but was just malnourished. She is just too little to have kittens, and knowing the poofy tummy was from not having gotten enough food makes her sure that she didn't give up looking for her family too soon. Now she's certain there was no family, that she really was a homeless kitty.

The Woman still misses her, though. She's been at her new home longer than she was in the rumbly bike room, but the Woman misses her anyway.

Don't worry, Buddah and I are still trying to make her feel better, in between bouts of getting yelled at for chewing on the Christmas tree...

December 07, 2007

Oh man, the People are not happy right now. Neither am I, frankly. The Owner Lady called them today to say she might have to sell the house, which means the implementation of the M-word all over again. They appreciate that she didn't wait until the last minute and it would be a couple of months at least, but we weren't supposed to have to think about it for 2 years. The Woman says she doesn't even really mind except Uncle Sam is going to want all their money, one of her boobs, and 152 pints of blood before April, and moving while trying to give him all that is just a pain.

And then after they talked to her they decided to put up the Christmas Tree. Apparently there's been a HUGE mouse or a rat (based on the size of the droppings) playing in the storage shed. And the little rodent pooped on everything--the tree, the ornaments, and our stockings--and it peed on the Man's Giant GIVEMEEVERYTHING stocking.

So they got all the poop out of the tree (they think) and cleaned it up, and when they plugged it in (prestrung lights) one of the light thingies was out. So they went out and bought a string of lights and new stockings, and then the Woman sat down and had some chocolate, which is supposed to make everything better.

I think I need to write a new book. That will make them happy, and I can LEND them some Uncle Sam cash. LEND, I said. L.E.N.D. Just so we're clear on that.

December 06, 2007

Look at this!


We've never had a fire before. Buddah didn't stay near it but I did because I wanted to see if it was going to do anything special.

It was warm, I guess that's special enough.

The Woman says she's going to buy a new pillow for my wicker bed and put it in front of the fireplace so I can lounge there and enjoy the fires. I'll believe that when I see it. I'm sure she fully intends to buy a new pillow, but ya know what they say about the pathway to Hell...

December 04, 2007

Buddah and I decided that since the Woman was a little sad about not keeping Snowball that we would give her lots of attention. But does she appreciate it? =sigh= Her punt people brain just can't comprehend that we're being NICE to her, not trying to be furry little attention whores. Buddah jumped on the bed last night and pushed her book aside so he could grace her with his butt plopped down on her neck--just to make it easy to reach his head and chin to skritch. She actually grumbled "Hey, I was reading that." So? And tonight I tried to sit on her lap and rub her face with my paw, and she liked it for about 5 minutes and then she got up and got out the sucky monster! How is that for gratitude?

I'd go poop on her pillow, but Santa is coming soon, and I need to hedge my bet a little.

She's sooooo lucky...

December 02, 2007

The Woman doesn't think the girl kitty's people can be found, and she's starting to think that maybe the girl kitty was abandoned. She has fleas, and is either full or worms or she's pregnant...but she's also very young, maybe 6 months old.

And I know lots of you think I need a sister, and the Woman would be all for that except for a big giant problem (and no, not me eating her.) Remember when we got Buddah and I got so sick? All the blood that stabby guy stole from me showed a problem with my pancreas, which could get much worse if I'm under stress. And if it was bad enough, it could kill me.

A little sister sounds fun on the surface, but if having her here really stressed me out...well, the People kinda like me and don't want their oooh what a pretty girl, we must keep her! feelings be what sends me to the Rainbow Bridge.

Now...the Man has this friend he's known for 1300 years, or at least 15. Maybe 10. She has a neighbor who would like to have a girl kitty. They met the girl kitty yesterday evening, and he spent last night talking it over with his wife and kids, and consulted with their other cat, and they decided that yes, this girl kitty (who apparently looks quite a bit like their other kitty) would fit their family just fine.

The details haven't been worked out, but as of right now she's still in the rumbly bike room and will probably see a stabby person tomorrow or the next day. She might go to her Forever Home tonight, but we don't know yet. But she will have a very good Forever Home, because the Man's friend is a very dedicated animal person and would not suggest a bad home for her.

The Woman would like to keep the girl kitty, she really would, and it's going to be very hard for her to say goodbye, but she knows that even though we sometimes pick the people we want as our forever family, sometimes we pick the people who will keep us safe and who will find us the forever family we're supposed to have.'s not sad that she's not going to be my sister. It's a happy thing that she'll have a forever family, with her own built in brother, and sticky people to boot!

UPDATE 3 Hours Later:The little girl kitty is now at her Forever Home, and she has a name! The female sticky little person there named her Snowball, and the Man says it's a good thing fur grows back because Snowball is going to be petted so much that she'll probably get a bald spot. And...AND...she got to briefly meet Charlie, their boy cat. Charlie sniffed at her and was like "All right, she's cool." There was no hissing and spitting. Everyone fell in love with her, and tomorrow she goes to the stabby place for a checkup and scheduling for her lady-gardenectomy.

The Woman is really going to miss her (and she admits she was trying to think of a way to keep her but realized she was just being selfish) but knowing that Snowball is going to have more love than she'll know what to do with AND her big brother kitty seemed to think she's okay right off that bat makes it all right.

And you know what? The Man's friend who told him about her neighbor who wanted a kitty? She wanted Snowball to have a Forever Home so much that she said she would pay for the stabby guy to look at Snowball and do her lady-gardenectomy. That's someone special, and a real friend to kitties and woofies everywhere. Snowball is going to be one lucky kitty!

December 01, 2007

This is the girl kitty hanging out in our rumbly bike room


The Woman hasn't given up hope of finding her people, but you'dthink that someone who lost such a pretty girl would be looking high and low. Thanks to Spitty Kitty's Mom, the Woman put a notice up on Craigslist but no one has called. They got all excited last night because the Craigslist ad Spitty Kitty's Mom pointed them to looked alot like her but those people found their lost kitty (which is good and makes them happy, but...)

Anyway, she's still here. The Woman treated her for fleas today and if no one claims her by Monday she's taking the girl kitty to the vet to make sure she doesn't have any cooties or worms. And then comes the hard part, finding her a forever home. The Woman is already attached but is afraid I might eat the little kitty. And you never know, I just might...

There are a few more pictures HERE.