September 01, 2017

We have the hots...


It's a freaking good thing the People got the cold air blowing thingy replaced, because this weekend is going to be super toasty. Along with it being hot, there are a couple of wildfires north east of here and the smoke has worked its way down here, which means the Woman is going to spend the weekend inside, not going anywhere.

This is great for me because it means I get a lap when I want it, but not so great for her because she wanted to go outside and do walking and bicycling things. She has a treadmill and a bicycle propped up on this rolling thing that doesn't let her roll anywhere, but she wanted to go outside.

Suck it up, lady. You can sweat inside, but then shower because I want your lap.

We took off from working for the last 10 days because the Man was off work and they wanted to go do things...but it was hot then, too, so they didn't do nearly as many things as they wanted. And on the Woman's birthday she wanted to go to San Francisco, but then a white supremacist group was having a "prayer rally" which meant there would be counter-protestors (she wanted to do that, but the Man didn't want to get arrested) so they decided to not of course the rally got canceled.

But he still wanted her to have a special birthday, so he took her to Taco Bell for lunch and then Denny's for dinner.

And ya know what? If you wake a person up early on their birthday, they are not happy to see you.