June 24, 2005

I thought there was a rule. If there's not a rule, there should be a rule, and they should make the rule right now. And the rule is that anytime there's a new toy, I should get to play with it first.

It's only fair. After all, I was here first.

Look, I've put up with having to share all the other toys, but letting that little monster get to the best toy first isn't fair! I had to sneak off to play with it in the middle of the night, because he wouldn't let me even touch it.

I could have just taken it from him, but then he would have been all whiny and at least while he was playing with it he wasn't chasing my tail.

But the RULES are the RULES and the RULE is the new toys are MINE first!

I did get even, a little. When I was done playing with it, after Buddah went to bed in the Younger Human's room, I hid it.

So there.

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