June 03, 2005

I still feel like the never-cleaned liner of the litter box, especially after what I did in it yesterday morning. Suffice to say, I'm glad someone else cleans it for me.

I made the People happy by getting up for a while and wandering to the water fountain, where I drank quite a bit. It seems that was the right thing to do, since the Man had the phone in his hand to call the bald guy at the stabby place to tell him I'm not eating or drinking. The plan was to take me back and let the bald guy stab me again, only this time stab me with a big needle to shove water under my skin.

They tried to give me shrimpy goodness today; I wanted it, but I just couldn't make myself eat it. Same thing with my favorite Stinky Goodness. They even offered me human baby food--turkey that smelled ok--but I'm just not up to eating yet. I heard the Man tell the Woman that the bald guy says I'm ok to just drink water today. So if I'm not eating by tomorrow, is he going to take that big needle and shove a can of Stinky Goodness under my skin?

Yeah, I'll let that happen.

I think I'll time it so that I get really hungry at 2 a.m. Then I can go head butt the Woman and stand on her, and she'll probably be happy about it.

Sheesh, people...

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