June 05, 2005

I want to eat so badly, I just can't seem to make myself. A little while ago the man shoved some really nasty stuff into my mouth and that made me throw up. You'd think he'd get the idea but NO, he did it again later. I didn't throw up then, but I drooled so much he had to run for a washcloth because I was sliming the Woman.

They shoved that stuff into my mouth last night, too. It's really gross and tastes worse than my butt did after that wonderful bout with the runs the other morning.

I ate a little bit last night. The Woman was in the kitchen and I suddenly smelled chicken, so I went in there to tell her I'd like a tiny bite. I rubbed up against her leg and didn't have to say anything. She looked down and said, "You want some? You can have some!" And she put a tiny bite on the floor.

I sniffed it for a long time, because I wasn't sure I could eat it. But I tried anyway, and before I could finish chewing she put more there for me, and before you know it, I had eaten enough to make her happy.

But this morning...the Man opened a can and I wanted it so badly, but I couldn't do much. I did try to nibble. And later the Woman had some more chicken, but all I could do was lick it.

A few minutes ago, after they shoved that gross stuff in my mouth, the Woman offered me food...no go. I sat there for forever, sniffing it and wanting it and not being able to take a bite. I heard her say she's going to try to give me tuna in a little bit, but I don't think it'll make a difference. I just can't do it.

They keep telling me I'll feel better if I start eating meals...well duh, even I can figure that out. I just can't figure out how to make myself start.

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