March 29, 2020

Here we go...the last 4 books

Okay, doods, this download link is for the four books in the Return of the Wick Chronicles books.


It expires in one week, so get it now.

With this, if you took advantage of the other links, you'll have every available Wick story. I hope you like them. This is, basically, my life's work after all.

For clarity, the reading order is 1) Wick Chronicles Omnibus, 2) Wick After Dark Duology, 3) Return of the Wick Chronicles Quadrilogy, and 4) Waiting to Inhale.

I'm now going to take a nap, and when I get up, I'm getting back to work on the second of the Wick Shorts books. There are already 3 stories for it (including the last one that will be in it and doods, IT IS GOOD) but they're still first draft stuff, and there are a couple of stories I still want to write.

Oh, and I was asked...Waiting to Inhale is not yet published, not in print or "official" digital form. Consider this one a "leak" LOL. I'm not even sure that the cover I gave y'all with this edition is the final one, though I haven't been given any other artwork so I think it is.

Oh Oh, the cover for this quadrilogy? That was almost the cover for The King of Saint Francis. I really dug it, so I'm glad we got to use it.

I hope y'all are being safe out there! In there. STAY INSIDE. Remember--and I saw this in a meme on Facebook so you know it's true--you're not STUCK inside. You're SAFE inside. I like that. Be safe. You're awesome and I need you to be safe.

March 28, 2020


There was an error with the Wick Shorts download and it expired early. This has been fixed. It should now be good until next Saturday.

March 27, 2020

Is it the weekend?

It's Friday. Close enough.

Okay, here we go. Links to download to download the first 5 Wick books, the Woman's Charybdis series, AND the first volume of Wick Shorts. By the end of today, maybe tomorrow, I should have a digital download for the four books in the Return to the Wick Chronicles set, but I wanted to get the links up for these before diving into that.

For the Wick Chronicles Omnibus (books 1-3) CLICK HERE

For the Wick After Dark books (4 & 5 ... the more adult stories) CLICK HERE

For the Charybdis series, CLICK HERE

For the new WICK SHORTS book, titled WAITING TO INHALE, click here.

All of these links expire on 3 April 2020, so get 'em while you can. If you already have them, feel free to share. And check back for the link to the Return to the Wick Chronicles download. Right now there's no cover art for a single volume, so we need to slap something together (it probably won't be pretty) and digitally sew the four books together.

I hope y'all are doing well! This is what I'm doing when I'm not working:

March 26, 2020

Coming this weekend

Okay, doods... sometime this weekend, this will drop here, for free, before it technically gets published. It's the first of two planned Wick Shorts books, and if you followed the website, you probably read the first 3 already, in 2nd draft form. (well, the first 4, but 2 were combined.) You didn't read the last and longest...and arguably the best--Drew's pulse-pounding, hold-your-breath inaugural trip to Elysium.

Also hopefully sometime this digital download of the Return of the Wick Chronicles books, and we'll put the others up again for a short time, too, in case you missed them last week. This also includes the Woman's Charybdis series.

March 24, 2020

We will not mock...


No making fun of something just because it's obvious to you. But I got a question for next week's Ask Max and it's timely and I felt like it needed to be answered now.*

"Max, my kids keep telling me about social distancing and how it can save my life. I agreed to do it. Now all my club friends and gym friends are calling me to video chat, and it feels rude to not answer. I don't know what to do or what to tell them, but I promised my kids. I don't understand most of it, either. But I do remember that one of your humans is in medicine and you might be able to help me figure out what the harm is. I'd like to at least talk to friends and I've cried almost every night because of it all."
All right. No worries, you're fine. You can answer your video chats without worrying about breaking the social distancing rules.

This is when better phrasing would help. People under 50 might grasp exactly what social distancing means, but the older crowd, where a lot of the cool kids are, might not. And don't feel bad; those kids who are on your virtual lawn playing where they've probably been asked not to probably don't grok the language of your youth, either.

I think the better term, one I heard yesterday, is physical distancing. It has nothing to do with being social. Trust me, people are finding ways to be social, even going so far as to have in-person meetings with neighbors...while sitting in lawn chairs more than 6 feet apart, while they drink coffee and just hang out. Or something better than coffee.

Be social with the friends who are calling. It's important that you keep those connections. Talking to other people is vital; maintaining those friendships is vital. Technology has been an amazing tool for people who are doing the right thing and self-isolating. They're still able to see their friends and talk to their friends, and many of them have learned to do group video chats and spend hours just talking and laughing.

So go for it. Answer the calls, and have as much fun with your friends as you can. I'm super happy you're tech savvy enough to video chat, but even regular phone calls are pretty freaking sweet. Go ahead, surprise someone, and pick up the phone to call. Hearing your voice is totally going to make someone's day.


Doods...I know this is hard. Staying home when you want to is one thing; staying home because you have to is another. But I am super impressed with how seriously most of you are taking this, and I am grateful for it.

You're awesome.

I just thought you should know that.


*I did reply to the email to make sure that the person who asked saw the answer. Not everyone who reads Ask Max over at Mousebreath reads my blog, and vice versa. Though you should be reading both, you really should. ;)

March 21, 2020

Look at it this way...

Asked in a message to me: "Aren't you worried about the fallout from offering your books for free after what happened the last time? Aside from the people who wanted free print copies, what about the people who paid for those books and now feel upset about it?"

Okay. No, I am not worried. The print people weren't a consideration this time around; if someone cannot grasp the money involved in providing print editions for everyone who wants one, I can't help them. Digital is easy, doesn't cost me anything other than a few royalties, and anyone with a computer can download the books. You don't even need a dedicated digital reader, just a Kindle app.

But the people who already bought my books, and paid real money?

Yes, they were a consideration. But most of the people who read my work are pretty cool and I think most of them know that the money I make on my books doesn't go to hooker and blow, or even food on my plate.

It goes to this:

Car loads of toys every Christmas. This was the first photo I could easily find, taken in 2016, and was the first load of three. The people stuffed the back of the Mazda CX-5 with toys, all paid for by my royalties.

That's what you're doing when you buy my books. You're really buying toys for kids who otherwise might not get any for the holidays. You're also buying food donations throughout the year. Charitable donations.

The stories you get are the icing, I think. I hope you like the flavor.

And right now? Well, things are different right now, and it's a time when I think the creative arts are standing up and saying, hey, we're here to distract and amuse you; we're here to entertain and amaze you. For most artists, it's not really about the money, though for those who need it to put food on the table, the money certainly helps.

Writers write even if they don't sell. Painters keep painting. Artists draw, sketch, digitize, cross mediums...we all do what we do because it's what we are.

Right now, when boredom is a Real Thing, we offer of ourselves what we can. So I'm offering my books--right now the first five in the Wick books, while the Woman is offering up her entire Charybdis series--because it's one little thing we can do.

Yes, it might make a tiny difference in the number of toys we buy in December. We'll figure it out. Maybe make the Man kick in  a few things.

But that's really what you're buying. Not my books; you're buying toys.

So I hope if you've already bought all of my books, you understand and are okay with me giving them away for free right now.

And the first book of Wick shorts will drop soon...and yes, you're getting first crack at them. For free, before they go to print. Just don't tell my new publisher. ;)

March 20, 2020

March 15, 2020

Free Wick Books might be stuck at home, bored, so if you haven't read the first three books in the Wick Chronicles, here they are. For free. You can get them in either Kindle or ePub format, easy to download. I hope it gives you a nice way to spend some downtime.

The link expires in one week...share if you like!


Edit Later: Oh, doods...a lot of you already read the first three Wicks. So in celebration of Buddah's 15th and ENJOY YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCING, here's a link to download the two that come after those, the Wick After Dark duology. 

That's five books to get you through the first week (they're quick reads!) and I hope it helps stay home a bit. WASH YOUR HANDS, DOODS!

Happy 15th

He's 15 today. FIFTEEN.

He's still annoying and obnoxious and chases me around the house...but he hasn't jumped on me in a couple weeks. So...happy birthday, Buddah Pest. You're an old man now, too, but don't act *too* old. The attention from that is mine and I am not sharing. ;)

March 13, 2020

At least we didn't need TP...

I watched some news on TV today with the Woman, there was a story about people getting into a fight over stuff at a store. And then I thought, well, I'm not sure I have enough cat food if the people wind up having to stay home for a while, so I directed her to put pants on and head for the pet store.

And doods, she did it. Oh she SAYS she was planning on going anyway, but I know the truth. And she came home later with enough cat food to last a while (about as long as usual, this wasn't really a stocking up kind of thing) and said she had a moment of Real Stupid and went to Costco...for popcorn. Just a couple bags of this popcorn she likes.

Doods, I don't know why she didn't stay in her car, turn around, and come home. She actually parked, went inside, and spent most of her time dodging people with carts loaded so high they couldn't see where they were going. And THEN she waited in a line 10 deep JUST TO BUY A COUPLE BAGS OF POPCORN.

I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS WOMAN who does stuff like this.

But, I got my canned gooshy goodness, so really, what do I care...?

March 11, 2020

My ears are still ringing...

As I am wont to do, tonight I sat on the Woman's lap while we watched The Masked Singer. Don't laugh, it's awesome. Tonight, though, when the singer going home was unmasked the Woman *shouted* "OhMyGAwd" so loud I had to jump to the other chair and stare at her disapprovingly for a good 5 minutes, and then I had to lecture her because THAT WAS LOUD.

March 08, 2020


I am not letting her ruin my mancat cave...

March 07, 2020

What the...

Oh good Bast, she brought another bicycle into the house. It's not on that green stand thingy yet, but I know it will be by tonight, which means I'll need to avoid whatever room she puts it in, just to be sure my tail doesn't get mangled. Why does she do these things? She knows it upsets me.

= = =

Oh, I am NOT happy.

March 05, 2020

:::tummy grumbles:::

No, I don't want that can. Or that one. Or that one, either.


I'm STARVING over here!

March 04, 2020

=double grump=

Today's crushing disappointment: the tasty-smelling thing the Man had on his plate was full of chocolate chips, which meant I couldn't have any. People should not be allowed to have things that smell good while also being toxic for kitties. I am going to have to nap through the day to bury my disappointment. ALL DAY.


A long time ago, I set things up so that everything I posted to Facebook propagated to Twitter, which then filtered to the sidebar there on the right. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do, because it seems like everyone has jumped to Facebook yet I still wanted to keep this blog with something more than the too-infrequent postings I've done.

Sometime in January, it stopped working. Mine doesn't work; the Woman's doesn't work. She tried unlinking and then re-linking, but things still aren't making it from FB to Twitter.

So now I dunno.

I may start crossposting, same things here and on FB, so those who still pop over and read blogs but also follow my FB page will see duplicates.

When I have more blog worthy things, I'll still post those to here first.

Mostly, I'm just annoyed that the linking broke. I haven't tried posting directly to Twitter to see if it shows up here, mostly because if I'm going to post twice I'd prefer here, and also because I just don't get Twitter. I've had an account forever, but I just don't get it. And things I don't even follow show up in my feed, more than things I do, and it's like...why? Just show me the people I follow, how hard is that?

FB is just as bad on that.

I'm just feeling grumpy.

Eh, I'm pushing 19, I'm allowed to be grumpy.