June 12, 2005

I tried to sing to the Woman this morning, but all that came out were a few pathetic little squeaks. My meower still isn't up to snuff. She heard me, though, and even though it was two in the morning, she rolled over and rubbed my head and told me she would scooch over to make room for me if I wanted to sleep there again. I curled up there to prtect her head from Buddah Butt again. He was in the Younger Human's room, but you never know when that sneaky thing will get loose.

I think the People might not appreciate it when I sing for them, but they miss it when I don't.

My meower worked a little bit today; I was able to tell them I didn't appreciate them coming home past my dinner time, but when they sat down for their dinner, and it smelled good and I wanted some, I tried to ask for a bite but nothing came out. The Woman knew what I was asking but she said no because flames would shoot out my ass if I had some, and when I tried to protest, nothing came out again. The Younger Human laughed and said it looked like I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open because I was shocked.

Well I was! The rule is if the kitty is good and doesn't jump on the table or pester anyone, he gets a tiny bite!

I want my tiny freaking bite.

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