August 27, 2010

This became necessary:

The People have been "busy" lately, so I haven't been able to get online and visit my friends or leave comments at their blogs, so I pinned the Woman down and made her let me have the computer.

Sometimes, a guy has to do what a guy has to do.

Now, yesterday, I could forgive her for it. It was her 132nd birthday, and the Man took her into San Francisco so that she could drive around and yell at other cars, which apparently is a fun thing to do seeing as how she did it for hours and hours.

She also got to finally fulfill some long burning desire to go see a giant asterisked bridge up close and personal, and she even walked on it. This was apparently more practice walking, I guess to see if she has good enough balance to not fall over into water.

Whatever, it seemed to make her happy.

I didn't mind them being busy too much yesterday because they weren't too late coming home to open a can for me, but the rest of the week? That was just inexcusable. You'd think she would take two minutes to boot up the laptop for me, but no. I might log onto and look at kitty pr0n or something...

So I haven't been able to visit lately and haven't left many comments at all. And that sucks. Because, dang, what good is the Internet if I don't hop around, tossing around Pearls of Psycho-Wisdom?


You think they'd understand that by now.

August 20, 2010

Dooods, I got way behind on Ask Max Anything, but I'm gonna catch up this weekend...


Well, if the Woman gets done practicing her walking early enough. Apparently she's gotta practice all damned day long tomorrow, and most of the day after that.

I guess she still doesn't have the whole left-right-left thing down pat yet.

August 18, 2010

Aw man... We lost another great friend. Luxor unexpectedly ran off to the Bridge. He'd been sick, but still...was not expecting that. Losing him and Fat Eric and pretty much the same time? Man, that hurts...

Cat blogging legends...
Dooods, you will be missed like crazy.

August 17, 2010 will be missed...

August 14, 2010

Finally, the people are home. But you know what? They went away and they didn't bring me anything! That's, like, a LAW. You go away, and when you come back you bring Max a present. But nooooo...not a freaking thing. Not even a crappy little shot glass from an airport gift shop. Sheesh.

August 12, 2010

OK, the people are getting ready to leave, so everyone can come over for THoE, primo nip, real live fresh dead shrimp, and a rip-roaring house trashing PARRRRR-TAY! Just hide and be quiet when the Younger Human is here!

August 11, 2010

Some of you already know, but yesterday the Woman's dad died; she's a little bit sad but she's not like wailing or anything, and tomorrow she and the Man are stuffing themselves into a giant lipstick tub and flying it to Texas so they can see her mom and sisters and six hundred sticky people (I think there are that many) and be there for the funeral.

So, Buddah and I aren't going to be visiting for the next few days. The Younger Human is going to come feed us and stuff, but he doesn't know where all our friends are, and I think I should be nice and not pester him, seeing as how he's going to be opening cans for me.

I never got to meet this Grandpa because of them living in Texas and us living just about everywhere else, but he was a good guy and he liked cats. In fact, if you're an introoder kitty in their 'hood, chances are you've bellied up to the buffet he and the Grandma put out on their back deck for all the kitties to enjoy. He used to feed the squirrels, too, but i don't hold that against him. ;)

If anyone wants to pop in on the sly for some THoE and to partake of some particularly awesome Nip, I think we can hide from the Other Dad. So come on over! We'll be celebrating life, and the joy of getting to have warm fuzzy feelings for others.

Stop barfing. I can be nice once in a while.

August 08, 2010

One of us--and I'm not sayin' who because that would be telling--knocked over the small climbing tree and it hit the wall and then made the plug thingy to the treadmill break...and it left a metal piece in the wall outlet. The Woman is not happy. I don't think the Man will be, either, when he finds out.

Sucks to be them, eh?

It's not like they use it, anyway...

August 05, 2010

Two nights in a row--TWO NIGHTS!--my dinner has not only been late, it's been LATE. We're not even talking just a few minutes or even an hour. We're talking HOURS late. Like THREE hours late. I'm not even sure really why the people have been going off and not being here when it's time to feed the kitties, other than this:

Now, I don't know what the Younger Human is doing there, but the People went to watch him do it twice, and they seemed terribly excited about it. They keep mumbling about "Mercutio" and "Romeo and Juliet" and "Holy crap he's good."

Whatever. I think they need to buy him some new pants. His are missing part of a leg, it seems.

Supposedly tonight I'll get my dinner on time, but I'll believe that when I see it.