November 29, 2015

Gobble Gobble snarf Gobble

Post-turkey coma
Doods...this time of year is amazing. First there was Thanksgiving and the turkey that goes with it, but it hasn't ended! Every day since there has been something real live fresh dead: more turkey, some ham, and STEAK. The Woman had a steak for dinner just before Thanksgiving and didn't finish it (I know!) so she cut it up into little bites, and stuck it in the freezer.

Well, yesterday she went to give us treats and we were tired of the turkey so she pulled the steak out of the freezer and said we could have some later. And we did.

But then. THEN!

Today she was mucking about in the kitchen and then she went outside to turn on the thing that burps smoke in the back yard. So I watched, because sometimes when that thing is done burping it horks up meaty things. She fed it some really thin things that looked like flat hockey pucks, and it did the whole smoke burp thing, and five minutes later?


Seriously, she made three little steaks, and none of it was for her. It was all to make treats with.

And then. THEN.

It got BETTER.

She pulled a bag of real live fresh dead shrimp out of the fridge and started cutting THAT into little bites, too. When she was done there was a lot of treat bites, so I tapped her on the leg and offered to test-taste them for quality control.

Well. I know she doesn't like shrimp, so it was the polite thing to do. And I got both shrimp and steak, and was wonderful. Hot, fresh steak that isn't even someone's leftovers, and cool, crisp shrimps.

Today was a good day.

November 25, 2015

My FB presence, plus book stuff...

Ok, so... I have again been taken to task for playing on Facebook but not posting here as often. And I am truly sorry if it's a problem, but the truth is most of my thinks are too short for an entire blog post and are better suited to FB. Plus...there are more readers on FB. It's just the way it is. Blogs in general have far fewer readers than they did even a couple of years ago, and that kinda sucks. I miss the heyday (hayday?) when I could spend a couple hours hopping from one blog to the next and reading real content instead of blogs that are really just sales pitches. When the few major bloggers started making real money at it, it seemed like so many more tried to jump on the professional-blogger-bandwagon, and what was left were blogs that had fewer personal posts and were littered with ads in the sidebars and in the post bodies, and not a whole lot about the people and kitties. And so many of the blogs I loved are gone now :(

So yes, I post a lot on Facebook. A while back I set it up that my FB posts would propagate to Twitter, and then to here, and it just took a click-through to read those updates, even without an FB account (for reals...just click on the little link at the bottom of them and it takes you to a sign-in page for FB, but the post is right there and no signing in is required.) So you really can still follow me here, but it takes an extra click some days.

And in a streak of irony...the new book.

It's now available in online bookstore in print (like Amazon!) and is available as a Kindle book. If you have a reader which does not support Kindle and want a PDF, that can be arranged, but probably not until around December 10th.

I also ordered 34 print copies to pawtograph, but the kicker is that they are scheduled to be delivered on December 1st...and the people are heading out of town on November 30th and they won't be back until December 5th.

Because of the length of this one--it's SUPER short--I seriously recommend getting in on the Kindle or waiting for the Woman to set up for offering a PDF.

We are not happy with the cost of the print book (because of the length) but this was our first effort at color pictures inside a book, and that raised the cost. BUT... and we hope this takes the sting out of it ... all profits from this book will be set aside and saved, and will be donated to 3 or 4 different charities (to be determined, but not to the Woman's walk thingies, as she can deal with that separately.) For the print books that'll be a couple of bucks per book, for the Kindle books it will be a buck or so, and for the PDFs...100%.

So...if you REALLY want a pawtographed copy, the first 34 (if shipped to U.S. addresses) should get there in time for Christmas. The Woman will spend the weekend after she gets home packaging the books that have been ordered and will take them to the post office that Monday.

If we get close to selling all 34 before she leaves, I'll let you know, so that you're not buying it and thinking you were in the first group. (look at the sidebar...the Paypal link is there.) (Need to pay with a check? Email me at [please, not to the askmaxmonday email, that one is strictly for Mousebreth questions] and include your mailing address and how many copies you want, and I'll get back to you with the address where you can send the check.)

I wish I could come up with a better way, but so far this is it.

Now. Still with me? If you have Amazon and a tablet that has a Kindle app and you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. For reals! That's what I would do. 'Cause like I said, this is super short, and I still get paid a little bit from that.

What am I working on now? FICTION, DOODS!

Ok, so I think that's it. I'm on FB, you can read it from here, and book stuff. 

November 09, 2015


If you have a Kindle, or device with a Kindle app...

You might wanna

Click here.

53, 54 poems (I lost track...) Color pictures. Me.

Hopefully it formatted correctly. The copy we have looks like it is. But...I'm still holding my breath on this one.

And still no word on the print version. I don't think the proof has even been mailed to me yet.

November 05, 2015

It's coming, doods...

I've been working on a few things the last year, and whie most of them are still in the early stages--it takes a long time to get my point across to the Woman and compile notes for what we hope will be a 3 books series--but in between bouts of dictation and brain-storming, I've been writing poetry.

Damn right. I have a poet's soul. So I sit down once in a while and think out loud and put it as poetry, and some of it is horrible and some of it is not so bad and some of it...shareable.

The print book gets sent to the printer and the distributor tonight, which means I'll have a proof copy in about a week or so. If it looks good and the Woman tells them it's ok, I can then order some copies to pawtograph and it will pop up on Amazon...just in time for the holidays!

This is a first for me, too, aside from it being poetic musings--there will be color photos inside. For reals! I'm kind of nervous about how that will turn out, but it only eats into the royalties a little bit so it was worth trying.

The e-book version will follow soon; it'll be only on Amazon, at least for a while, but if you have a reader that can handle ePub or PDF files the Woman might be willing to create those.

I'm kinda nervous about this one...but excited, too. And once it's been put to bed we can get started on the fiction I've been itching to write.

November 04, 2015

You guys are full of win!

Thank you, doods...the money was raised in time and crisis averted.

And now ...drumroll... I just drew the winning number at

Yes, I had to take a picture...
Donor #4!

Brenda Mendes, you just won a t-shirt of ME!!! I'll email you in a few minutes to get your mailing address.

Again, doods... THANK YOU!!!

November 03, 2015

A request...

All right, doods, I'm sorry I have blogged much lately, and I really didn't think I would pop back on here to ask you for something, but here I am...

You know the Woman gets really involved in the boobie walks, right? She didn't get to this year because of reasons, but her team walked in Philadelphia last month, and one of her team mates found out a donation she counted on fell through. If she doesn't get enough donations to cover it by tomorrow, she has to cough it up. And doods...the last 2 weeks have been so freaking hard for her and her family (deaths in the family, please also offer up Mojo for them) so some love from my friends would go a long way in helping.

Right now she's shy a little under $150.

Her fundraising page is here, just click.

Here's some incentive: I have ONE custom me-t-shirt in a size XL. For every $10 donated from now until, say, noon Pacific Time, it's an entry to win the shirt.

Never been worn, doods!
After you donate, email me at with the subject title "I donated" and in the body of the email tell me how many entries you sure to leave a name in the recognition field on the donation form so I can go admire it...and tell me the name you used.

Mucho thanks, doods. This is wicked important to the Woman.