June 30, 2005

Okay, look at him. You can see how freaking small he is.

If I don't let him eat off my plate, he won't grow big enough, and if he doesn't grow big enough, when I sit on his head, I might pop it open.

And then I would get in trouble, let me tell you...

And yeah, there's proof that I let him eat with me.

He got a new climbing tower today and he's just about gone apeshit over it, so he may be leaving me alone for a while. It's a nice tower and covered with carpet for him to sink his claws into, but it's no Supreme Commander Kitty Tower.

I might get up on it once or twice, just to see what he finds so wonderful about it.

Since it's not within jumping range of a Person's head or stomach, I'm not sure I'll get any big thrill out of it.

And hey! Stumpy found a new tunnel for online and the Woman ordered it for us last night. So by next week, maybe I can stalk buddah from inside it, and scare the crap out of him!


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