November 30, 2007

The girl kitty is still in the room with the rumbly bikes,but the Woman says that's ok because even though it's going to get really really cold outside tonight the rumbly bike room will stay warm enough for a little kitty. She put up notices all over the neighborhood that say HEY I FOUND YOUR CAT but no one has called about her yet. And the Woman took her to the Esspeeceeay today but just to see if she'd eaten any chips. I guess that if you eat chips, they can figure out where you got the chips from, and take you back there.

Oh and she's getting ideas about feeding ME chips!

I don't think we're going to keep her, because if the People can't find where the girl kitty lives and the Esspeeceeay doesn't have a space for her (they don't all weekend, they told the Woman than when all she really wanted was to see if the kitty ate any chips) then they might try to find her a new forever home. The Man won't even go out in the garage to play with her because he thinks if he does he's going to get attached but the Woman says that's too bad, she's already attached.

I have to admit I am kind of curious about this little girl and I don't mind her smell on the Woman (though I don't get to smell a whole lot because the Woman scrubs her hands under HOT water when she comes inside) but I don't need a sister or a girlfriend. That little girl is LOUD when she's talking! She might be even louder than me!

That's impressive.

November 29, 2007



She came to the door when the Man was taking trash outside, and she was very loud and said FeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMe
FeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMeFeedMe and the Woman said "Go inside and get food!" So the Man came inside and got a can of Stinky Goodness WHICH I AM NO LONGER ALLOWED TO HAVE and they fed the little beggar! They think she's someone's kitty that got loose so she's going to stay in the rumbly bike room tonight so tomorrow the Woman can try to find her people.

That's very nice, but that girl kitty better not be thinking about moving in. I have enough to deal with with Buddah. The Woman said something about the Man saying something about the Esspeeceeay (I was too stunned to hear there was a girl kitty in the rumbly bike room to really hear what was said) so maybe she'll go there if they can't find her people. I hope they do, because if she's as sweet and pretty as the Woman says, her people probably miss her.

November 28, 2007


Coolness! Karen Jo gave me an award!

She says it is "presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun." Ths makes me all tingly, but in a not-creepy kind of way. I'd like to pass it on to Jeter because he just makes me laff and laff...

Oh! And THE BOOK IS UP AT AMAZON!!! They got it up pretty quick; there's no cover image yet but the Woman sent one to them so it should be on there soon, too. I know some of youse wanted the book but wanted to get it from Amazon, so there it is! I don't know if it's up at other online bookstores yet but if not it will be soon.

And UPS says they're bringing boxes of books from the printer to our house TOMORROW, so if you pre-ordered it, we'll have them then and will get them ready to mail out. Some will go out Friday and some Saturday and some Monday, unless she gets really ambitious and gets them all addressed tomorrow night.

U.S. Kitties will get their books in 3-5 days I think, overseas and Canadian kitties, it will take a little longer.

And don't forget, any profits are going to! We think from the preorders the first donation will be $250-300. YAY US!

November 26, 2007

Cripes...People, you know if the kitty is scooching across the floor, it doesn't always mean he has poop stuck to his butt. Sometimes it just means his butt itches. You don't have to embarrass him by picking him up and looking! Really! If it was a poop issue, the streaks on the carpet would alert you to it. Leave the kitty alone to his scooching!

November 25, 2007

I was not playing with Buddah. I was beating him about the head and neck with my mighty paws, letting him know who's the boss. If thats your idea of play, you might need a little therapy...

November 22, 2007

It's a little late, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

The people left us alone ALL DAY LONG, and they didn't turn the heat up before they left so by the time they finally decided to come home I had icycles hanging off my already useless nipples. All day long I kept thinking about how everyone else was getting turkey today and I was home alone (Buddah doesn't count) and COLD and TURKEYLESS.

It was a very depressing day.

But then! THEN! The People came home and they said "Guess what! Auntie Marla sent a surprise home for you!"

So Buddah and I waited on the floor and we asked "What? What? What?" but she made us wait while she cut our surprise up and then stuck it in the I'm-too-damned-impatient-to-wait-for-the-oven box for FIVE WHOLE SECONDS...and you know what it was? Do you?

It was TURKEY! And it wasn't just tiny bites, it was, like, FOOD. I scarfed mine down and Buddah just took a couple of small bites and I asked, "are you gonna eat that? Because if you're not, can I have it?" and Buddah said "I really would like some crunchy treats," because he's backwards that way, he only likes a tiny taste but wants treats, so the Woman gave him treats. And I was good, I waited until he had his treats and when he said he was done I jumped up on the counter and finished his turkey for him.

Now I'm all sleepy, but turkey will do that to you, especially surprise turkey. So today I am thankful for surprise turkey, and having an Auntie Marla who sends it home to me because I have lame people who won't stay home and cook for the kitties.

November 20, 2007

Litterbox Wars Part Twoi

Allrighty, first it was the oval box which I made the Woman think was inadequate, until she stuck it in the carpeted Former-Kitty-Club (which I had refused to go in), where I decided to use it once in a while.

She replaced the oval box in the downstairs bathroom with a rectangle box, which was a little too small. I didn't always get all the way into it, and sometimes peed over the edge, but I ALWAYS dig some litter out to cover it up, because that's how wonderful I am.

So today she declares we need a new box. A bigger box. And I'm totally cool with that, because a bigger box just means a greater surface area on which to poop.

And she did it, she brought home a bigger box.

But it wasn't bigger lengthwise or widthwise. It was taller. A lot taller. So tall that if a kitty laid down it in, they might be invisible.

So she put it in the bathroom and put litter in it, and then picked me up and showed it to me, asking if I would use it.

To answer, I stepped in, and assumed the position...with my butt still hanging over the side.

She sighed really hard and said "You're doing that on purpose."


I stepped all the way in and did my business (she was considerate and left the bathroom to give me privacy) but I got the message through: if I want, I can still pee over the side, and there's not a thing she can do about it.

Heh heh.

November 16, 2007

I know the rumbly bike brings the Woman great joy, but if she doesn't stay home and provide a lap for me this weekend, I am going to be forced to treat something to a toothy death. And since she's been leaving her work stuff where I can get to it, well...she should just stay home, right?

book book book book book book

November 14, 2007


We have a book! The proof copy got here a little while ago and it looks very spiffy! And you might recognize the handsome cover model, Ko Ko Schumacher of The Fluffy Tribe. Yes, I can admit he's handsome...girl kitties want him, boy kitties want to be him, and he's gracing the cover of We Are The Kitties ...And We Writed You This Book.

By tomorrow there will be a web page up where you can order advanced copies; it should be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble within 2-3 weeks. The Woman will go ahead and place an order with the printer for 25 copies tonight so that she'll have them within 10 days for getting in the mail.

It's a little longer than the last book, but the same price ($12.95 + shipping) so the profit margin will be slimmer, but whatever profits there are will be donated to -- they help people who have stabby place bills, and I think a lot of us understand how hard paying those bills can be. They don't give the money to the people, but they pay the bill directly to the vet, so there's no worrying about someone who doesn't really need it getting the money.

Mucho thanks to Ko Ko and Merlin's Mom Jane for allowing Ko Ko to be on the cover!

Hey, it's later, and I was just at Skeezix's blog...Mr. Tasty Face is having some heart problems, so we need to send all the purrs and mojo and prayers we can for him. Go over and give him your best wishes, ok?

November 13, 2007

Oh oh oh...the People went hunting today and brought home a whole buncha food, and I noticed there are two different bags of crunchy kitty food! Two different kinds! Do you think maybe they're going to give me that giant bowl of crunchies after all???

November 11, 2007

Buddah's been sitting on the floor for the last 15 minutes, watching TV. And it's not like the TV is on Animal Planet or anything, it's just some talking head telling people what's been going on around them all day. All that matters is what's been going around US all day long, and I can tell you, it's not much of anything. The Woman was gone all day, the Man was asleep... But man, he is GLUED to the TV, like it was sending kitty crack into his brain or something.

Oh man, wouldn't that be awesome? Kitty crack sent right into your brain? If we could have that, and that giant bowl of crunchies, life would be absolutely freaking PERFECT.

Well now I'm all depressed, because I want brain crack and crunchies, and I don't see me getting either in this lifetime...

November 09, 2007

I don't care if it's pizza...I still wanted a bite...

November 07, 2007

OMG! Lookit these kitties that I found at Stuff On My Cat!

Why can't I have that bowl?
That so totally rocks.

November 06, 2007

I haven't had to do it for a long time, but today I pinned Buddah down and gave him a bath. Well, he didn't really stink or anything. It just annoys him, and that's always fun for me. He couldn't even try to fight me about it because the Man and the Woman were right there and if he had bared his claws he would have gotten in trouble. Heh.

November 03, 2007

This evening I sat near the Woman and watched as she worked on all the pictures for the book...she says y'all are entirely too cute. She even kinda laughed at some of youz because you're so pretty. She never gets that happy about MY pictures, and I'm FREAKING ADORABLE!

Unless she gets all caught up in taking her rumbly bike out tomorrow for 132 hours, she thinks she'll get most of the book laid out, and then she'll finish laying it out on Monday. Then it will be ready to send to the printer for a proof figure in less than 2 weeks there SHOULD be a book! She'll be able to figure out the price once she knows exactly how many pages it will be.

A couple people emailed to ask where the profits will go...that hasn't been decided, but it will either be an animal charity or we'll sell the book at cost. If you have suggestions for a charity, feel free to leave them in the comments. Another option is to price the book to just cover print costs, and do away with donations...that option is on the table because it takes a really long time to get royalty payments from the distributor--if we sell it at cost there's no worry about when the distributor cuts a check or where the money goes. Or who pays the taxes on it.

In other news, I tossed Buddah down the stairs at 5 a.m., and I think he still likes it...