July 31, 2014

You know it's gonna be a bad day when

...your food tries to eat you first...

July 29, 2014

Oh Man...

She's talking about boobie walking again.

Or maybe more like boobie waddling.

But my life is going to be pink again. And I'll have an excuse to say BOOBIES a lot.


July 27, 2014

I've been watching this kid for like 5 minutes

and he just can't get that cookie.

If people weren't so mean, they'd help him.

That's like keeping a crunchy treat behind clear glass and watching a cat try to get to it.

July 21, 2014

Something New!

I know it's hard to see, but I'm looking out a screen door. This is the first time we've had one on the back door in this house, and this is a really good night to test it out. There's a really nice breeze and it's cool outside, so the People have this door and the front screen door, and if I sit in the right spot I feel the wind going right over me.

Apparently while I was asleep in the totally wrong spot--the People were supposed to tell me when the noisy people got here so that I could go sleep in the closet, but no, they let me sleep in the other room right through it--the inspector dood and the screen door dood came and finished up the very last kitchen things. So we're done. Really done. The Man is even going to take down that screen door he put up in the hallway even though the Woman thinks it's a handy thing to have.

Yeah. She obviously likes locking us up in the back of the house.

In any case, I am going to enjoy the hell out of having a screen on the back door, especially this fall when it's cooler outside than inside.

But don't tell the People I said that.

They might think they actually got something right.

July 17, 2014


When I overheard the People saying there will be MORE people in the house probably Monday.

Something about a screen door and a final inspection, but all I care is that someone else will be stomping through the house, disturbing my ongoing quest to do as much nothing as I can.

On the plus side, we're not eating in the bathroom anymore.

I suppose it was worth it.

The Woman as more pictures on Flickr [clicky here] including some before pictures. If you're her Facebook friend you've probably already seen them, but if not, feel free to peek.

The Man might regret doing this...she's already looking at the rest of the house and thinking about things she can change.

Bast help us all.

July 10, 2014

Almost done...

That's what the People say. The kitchen is almost done. The noise today was pretty bad--Buddah even hid under the bed--but when it was over we had counters.

Someone on Facebook wanted to see pictures, but the Woman said they weren't posting any until it's done so they can have it all WOW as if people really care, so then I was asked to post a picture.

Well, they won't give me the camera, so I drew one.

Click to biggify
This is pretty much like the one side of it looks right now. The yellow part gets covered up either tomorrow or Saturday, and there's some plumbing stuff and electrical stuff still to be done. But overall, it's pretty spiffy.

We're all tired and ready for it to be done.

Almost there.


July 09, 2014

Those evil popup ads...

Thanks to Jennette Fulda, we now know what's been causing those giant popup, takeover ads...it's Sitemeter.

I've used Sitemeter for a bazillion years, but they've apparently gone to the dark side and are sending out these random, full window sized, annoying and unwelcome ads. So I'm going to remove the code for Sitemeter, because no one needs that chit.

This means my visitor counter will no longer be visible, but I'm not sure anyone ever looked at that anyway, so it won't be a huge loss. And I can see via the Blogger dashboard how many kitties are visiting every day.

Those of you who have gotten caught up in the popup ad loop, I'm sorry...but at least we seem to have an answer now.

July 05, 2014

Unacceptable. Simply unacceptable.

All right, so a lot of you guys know how Facebook has been deleting profiles that they realize are cats, right? Because apparently Facebook is for people and not pets...but pets can have a non-personal type page where they get "likes" instead of "friends."

Okay, fine, I don't agree with it but whatever. I still have my personal page, but a while back I created an Author page so I would still have a presence on FB, and it seemed like a good idea (since FB has ramped up the deletions) to start using the Author page.

Now, Buddah converted his personal page to a Community page a few months ago, and he posts to that a lot. Which is fine...except he has more Likes on his page than I do. I'm trying to get all the people and kitties who are my friends on my personal page to click Like on my author page, but a lot of them haven't...but still, how the heck does Buddah have more Likes than I do???

If you're on FB, even if you're my friend on my personal page, PLEASE go like my Author page. I'll be using it more than the personal page, and I need the Likes, dangit! I can't let Buddah win!

Please and thank you.

In other news, we didn't have any noisy people here Thursday or yesterday, so other than all the noise from people exploding their hard earned cash outside last night, it's been nicely quiet. I'm enjoying the break from being locked up in the back of the house. It all starts again on Monday, but the People think that it will only be a few more days. There's not much left to do to the kitchen, just some trim work, installing some lights, the counters, and the backsplash tile.

No, don't ask me what any of that means. All I care about is that it means more people in the house, and I am opposed to more people being in my house.

I don't mind all the extra treats we've been getting, but yeah, I'm tired of the noise, the people, and the whole house not being clean enough because of it all.

Really...this place is gross right now. And seeing as how the Woman is a horrible housekeeper, that's saying a lot.

July 02, 2014

It just keeps getting better...

The noisy people were done a little early today, so the People left the house about half an hour later, and when they came back...


It was a little more equal that it looks because the Woman shuffled some steak off one plate onto the other, but it was still enough that I couldn't quite finish. I know, imagine that. Buddah's like a vacuum cleaner, so he ate the last little bit.

If I understand right, there won't be any noisy people here again until Monday, so we have 4 days of not being locked up, though I'll probably hang in the closet some anyway, since that's what I like to do. And the Woman says the kitchen is close to being done, so there won't be too many more noisy days even after this weekend.

I'm looking forward to the quiet, though I am going to miss the extra treats. The treats have been really nice. Plus, Buddah has really been clinging to the Woman, like he finally understands she's one of his safe places to go. I think that made them both happy...maybe it means he'll leave me alone more now.

July 01, 2014


Oh yeah.

It's that good.

Yesterday while we were locked in the back of the house--and dang, doods, we were locked back there from 8 in the morning to almost 8 at night--the Woman brought this big envelope into the room where the Man hangs out, and holy carp, I could smell all the awesome before she even got it open.

This is some of the most premium nip I've ever had, and it was in a spiffy toy, one just the perfect size to grab with my paws and rub it all over my face. There was a toy for Buddah, too, but I got the best one, I think.

While I was rubbing it all over myself the Woman said she got it from William's mom...she has a store called Feline O'Mine and she sells really great stuff. And I swear, I'm not even being paid to say that! The Woman wanted to get me something for being reasonable during the kitchen makeover, and she knocked it out of the park. I freaking love the toys I got.

Today the noisy people were done in the kitchen pretty early, so the people let us out and they went out to get some food for themselves and when they came back they had a brand new cat tree. It's supposedly fr both of us, but we all know it's for Buddah for being a very good boy so far. He hasn't thrown a chit fit or bit anyone, and they were really afraid he would. They put it by the TV in the living room and took his old one and put it by the bed in the room where the Woman hangs out during all the noise.

She said she hoped I didn't feel slighted since we all know Buddah's going to claim the tree as his, but I think I got the better deal. I have my own tree anyway--hell, 3 of them--and I have my mancat cave to hang out in while all the noise is going on, plus I got the premium nip toy.

I don't think it's going to be too many more days of noise. The kitchen has cabinets and a floor and the guy that was here today colored between the floor tiles to make them prettier, and he did a good job.

Oh, and if you're my friend on Facebook, or follow me, hop on over to my author page and like me there, too, please. I'm posting there a little more in case FB realizes me personal page belongs to a cat. They've been closing cat pages down, but they won't my author page, I don't think. And I need people to click on LIKE because right now Buddah as more likes on his page, and we can't have that. Nope, we cannot have that.