June 13, 2005

Look at this.


The People put this thing in the hallway. It's supposed to keep Buddah Butt and I apart; he gets one half of the apartment and I get the other half.


The whole apartment is mine! Didn't we establish that when we moved in? I might let him stay in the Younger Human's room, but there's no reason I should be barred from any place within the rest of the apartment that I want to go.

I'm being punished because he can't learn to control himself.

Oh, they keep saying it's just for a little while, until we get used to each other and can look at each other through the screen without getting spastic, but I bet they just leave it there. Forever. How in the heck do they expect Buddah to calm down just because that's there? If they don't want him jumping on me and biting me, then put him in the Younger human's room where I don't have to see him! Ever!

And they're doing this thing where we have to eat together. "Let them see that good things happen when they're together." Good things my missing nads! It's only good because there's food--as soon as he's done he tries to eat mine! They thought I ate fast? It's nothing compared to Buddah. He inhales his food. There's no way he can taste all that Stinky Goodness; giving it to him is a waste of good food.

I did hear them say that as soon as he's big enough, they're ripping off his nads,too. Good. Because if they don't do it, I just might. Well, once that screen comes down for good...

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