April 30, 2019

I suck at this blogging thing now...

For realz, I never used to go this long between posts, but the older I get the longer it seems I go. It's not intentional...I think it's mostly that I spend most of my time sleeping and the rest of it either working or pestering the Woman to find something worthwhile for me to watch on TV.

The other night I sat on her lap while the Man watched Game of Thrones. I think it's the first time I've ever seen that. And let me tell you, that was disturbing. He really liked it, but I was kind of blown away by how dark and violent it was. But there was a dragon, and I dig dragons, so I had that going for me.

We did get this done, and it's now available for the Kindle. The print edition went into distribution but it hasn't popped up yet, but should within a week. I really dig this book, because we get to meet Rhys a bit more, and we get to learn more about Jax and his parents, and figure out why the heck he wants to literally hunt a man...and neither the Emperor nor the Queen are gonna stop him.

And now that it's done, we'll concentrate on finishing the book Buddah and I are doing together, as well as getting the website for The Wick Chronicles going. Right now it's just a placeholder thing, but we want to offer short stories and the occasional free digital book there.
The biggest thing today, though... Daisy the Curly Cat has gone to the Bridge, and it makes me all kinds of leaky. She was iconic and a model of the highest caliber.

She was only 15. It seems like she should have gotten a few more years, and the only thing that makes it a tiny bit better is that now she's running around the Bridge with her beloved Skeezix and his bud Jeter and all the other friends who have already gone on.

I hope her brother Harley is okay.

Doods, be well, okay? I'm tired of saying goodbye.

April 02, 2019

Happy Birthday, Younger Human!

Today he is 36.

This is him with his Much Better Half...you get this instead of a picture of just him because 1) they're like ONE entity now and 2) she's pretty and I like seeing pictures of her.

I hope he's having a most awesome day. I know he got a bunch of cupcakes, so that's a good start.

Happy Birthday, Younger Human.
Yer getting old.


Cover mockup
The last couple weeks have been pretty busy. We got the finishing touches done on the 9th Wick book, The King of Saint Francis, and set up a new site for The Wick Chronicles. There's no real content yet, but now that we're done with this book and are waiting for the proof to be sent, we'll work even more on it.

You're gonna get chances to get digital versions of my books for free, you never know when. And we're jumping into some short fiction that you'll be able to read or download for free, before those stories go to print.

Right now, it's pretty obvious that the Woman and I are working on the site, but unless it just looks stupid, at some point Wick himself will be the host. Maybe. We're really unsure about that, but it seems kind of funny.


Something else in the works, something that's getting close to being done (like, before the editor sees it, and she'll have Things to Say because OF COURSE SHE DOES)--my interview with Buddah. It turned into a conversation that kind of goes all over the place, buy you can't be too surprised about that if you know Buddah. Frankly, I'm surprised he took breaths so that I could get a word in.


 This afternoon, though, we're taking off. The People have some stuff to do that involves moving the wardrobes out of the spare room since I can't get on top anymore, and turning it into Thumper's Room of Pain. Yeah, she thinks she's funny. They're just setting all the dammit machines in there, and then maybe hanging a TV on the wall so she can watch stuff while she rides her bike to nowhere. I can't mock her too much, because she's actually using that stuff. I just wish it were quieter.