August 06, 2021

Max 's work now part of a Story Bundle deal

Y'all like cats, otherwise I doubt you'd be here. And I know it's been a long, hot minute since the last time I posted anything here, but I'd be dropping the furry little ball if I didn't bring this here...

This is an eclectic mix of cat wonder: cats and time travel, steampunk cats, magic and romance, and...cats! It's a pay-what-you-want offering, with $5 being the threshold for the first four books--and The Emperor of San Francisco is one of them. But spring for the whole thing, because there's some stellar writing in the exclusive stories offered in the extended bundle.

It's also a limited time kind of thing and ends in just 12 days. 

I'm pretty sure he would want me to point out that when you purchase the bundle, you also have the opportunity for people to also toss a few bucks to AbleGamers, a foundation dedicated to combating social isolation through play.

This last year...I'm sure a lot of people are feeling isolated and are turning to gaming and the like to deal with it.

Heck, I did. Not the isolation so much, but the grief. I dove into Animal Crossing, created a spiffy little island with fun neighbors, and let the distraction soothe those feelings.

I still miss this little chit more than is healthy. But...things like this, having "his" work included in something bigger, helps a lot. And there are some really cool stories in the bundle. Swearsies ;)