May 06, 2005

Yesterday's post, as translated by Gizoogle:

I think there's a new K-I-Double-Tizzy upstairs. I thought i told ya, I'm a soldier. I can hizzle it rapping sometizzles I can't hear it clearly enough ta understand what it's say'n, but I can hear it.

The Woman thinks I'm listen'n ta tha voices in mah heezee, but it's up there, I tiznell you!

I'd like ta find a way up there so I can pizzle wit it, or sit on it n bite it if it's not a funky ass kitty, but I cizzan't figure out how ta git up there. In tha old place there were stairs that wiznent up so I could git there. Here, chillin' in tha hood.

I need explosives...

Yo. Git down wit'cher fuzzy k-i-double-tizzy self!

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