May 07, 2005

I don't know where the heck the Man was all night long--I just know it wasn't here--but when he came home this morning he fed me some really nice Stinky Goodness, and then went into his computer room and closed the door. I think whatever he did all night long made him very, very tired, and he wanted to sleep in there.

Well, fine...but I didn't want to be alone after having been alone all night while the Woman slept (there was that time when the Younger Human wandered in in the middle of the night, but still. I was alone all night) so I started talking to him through the door. I just wanted him to stay up for a little while.

The Woman heard me and got up, so I was thinking "Yeah! Someone will be awake to talk to!" but you know what she did? Do you?

She picked me up, took me into the bedroom, and locked me in there with her! And she went back to bed!

I wasn't about to let that stop me. I wanted to talk, so talk I did. I sat at the head of the bed near her pillow, and told her all about my night, how quiet it was in here and how the Younger Human wouldn't give me any Stinky Goodness when he came home; he just went to bed. Then I told her about the Man dragging his sorry ass in this morning, and I told her in great detail.

She rolled over and tried to ignore me, but I just stepped over her and went to the other side of the bed, where I could see her face while I talked.

Then I could hear that girl kitty outside the window; the blinds were down so I coudn't see her, but I could hear her so I was pretty sure she could hear me, too, so I started talking to her through the window. I had to speak up to be sure my voice would carry through the blinds and the glass, but I don't think the Woman appreciated that.

She rolled back over and snipped, "Dammit, Max, I'm trying to sleep!"

Well *I* wasn't stopping her. I was talking to the girl kitty, and she wants me.

It didn't take long for the Woman to say some not so nice words and then get up; she opened the window for me, so I could talk to the other kitty, and went into the litterbox room. When she came back I was in my bed, curled up and ready for my nap.

She said some more not so nice things, but what the hell does she expect? I worked hard to get her up, and I was tired!

Maybe she should go back to bed, too. One of us needs our beauty sleep, and it's sure not me.

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