May 14, 2005

It's the freaking Motherload. I have hit the Motherload Of Annoying The Living Crap Out Of The Woman, and it's so easy.


She can't stand whining. She hates it in little kids, she hated it when the dog did it, and now she hates it when I do it. And I do it with flair. I do it so well that it's going to drive her up three walls and to the bottle.

Yesterday she described it as being a cross between a moan, a trill, and a diesel horn. That latter part is probaby because I stick my face right next to her ear while she's sleeping before I start. She freaking hates that! And if she rolls over, I just climb over her head and do it from the other side of the bed.

It doesn't get her out of bed any earlier (because she's stubborn and thinks she can convince me to stop doing it if it means getting fed later. Phffft. She should stop thinking before she hurts herself) but it is so much fun.

The staying in bed isn't going to work for her, because my whining right into her ear is working just fine for me.

It ticks her off, and that amuses me.

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