May 10, 2005

As if I wasn't at home, waiting and starving to death, the People were out all day and got home over an HOUR past dinner time. And then they walked in like there was nothing wrong and my tummy wasn't eating itself from the inside out.

To make things worse, they didn't leave any of the good windows open for me to look out of. No, it doesn't matter that my Great Scenery consists of some bushes; I want the windows open so I can look outside and see something different. And maybe that girl kitty will come back to see me. She gets behind the bushes so she can get close to the window, and sometimes she stands on her back legs to get a better look.

So I spent all day alone, cut off from seeing anything worthwhile plus I was about 2 minutes away from starving to death. If they hadn't come home when they did, I would have been forced to eat the dry crap they leave out. And then I would have had to poop on someone's pillow.

I still might. That'll teach 'em.

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