May 11, 2005

Oh. Just. Son of a. You, just... AHHHGGG!

It was bad enough that they were late with my dinner yesterday. But they did it again today! They left during the afternoon and when dinner time rolled around there were no opposable thumbs available to get the Stinky Goodness from the container on the counter to to emptiness of my plate.

If the Younger Human and his Much Better Smelling Friend hadn't shown up when they did, I probably would have DIED right there in the comfy chair in the living room. I was already getting a little dizzy when he came home, but luckily he knows where the People keep my food container and he got it for me.

But holy crap! What is wrong with the People? My dinner was 45 minutes late! Oh, when they came home they were all "I'm so sorry," but I really think only the Man was sorry. He brought some fresh live dead fish for me to have as a snack. The Woman? Phffft. All she did was run for the bathroom the second she got home.

Like, what's more important? Peeing or ME???

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