May 25, 2005

Okay. So I was playing with a catnip toy by the Younger Human's door, and out from under it came this tiny little paw--with claws, no less. Man, it is really little. The paw disappeared, so I stuck my paw under and waited. And waited. And waited.

After a minute or so it jumped on my paw. Tell you what, it took it so long that I kind of forgot why I had my paw under there, and I jumped. The Woman was laughing at me, but hell, she's seen it better than I have and has a better idea of what it might do.

So I went back to playing with my catnip toy. It's this red thing that's supposed to look like a People's candy bar, like I'm stupid enough to believe that. It's fun though, and I was batting it around, and it went up into the air and landed by the door.

And you know what happened? Do you?

It stuck its paw under the door, snagged my catnip toy, and took it!

I kid you not, it had barely hit the ground and that thing reached under the door and stole my freaking toy!

The Woman says if it doesn't sneeze tonight, then I get to meet it tomorrow. I didn't want to meet it, but I think I better so I can get my danged toy back!

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