May 24, 2005

One way or another, I have to get into the Younger Human's bedroom. I know what he has in there, and I even caught a glimpse of it when he was coming out of his room last night, but I still want to get in and see for myself.

So for the most part, when I can hear it moving around in there, I camp out by the door, hoping for a chance to sneak in.

The Woman has done a good job of not going in there and getting that kitty funk all over her, it's mostly the Younger Human and the Man, but last night she went in and stayed in there for like 50 hours. I know it was that long beause I counted, 1-2-3...all the way past 50. And when she came out, she said that I wasn't allowed in there, because "Buddah" has a cold and she doesn't want me to catch it.

Well, fine. At least she doesn't want me to get a head full of snot that I could choke to death on. But she gave it medicine to keep it from choking to death on its own snot, and I dont think I find that acceptable.

And then she said that in a day or two, I'll get to meet Buddah.

I never said I wanted to meet it. I just want to get in there and see for myself, more than just a little glimpse. As far as I can tell, it's an awfully smally kitty, and all black. I think all I have to do is sit on it, and I'll win.

That's a dog's name.
Oh, and that chubby bald guy that the Woman collects figures of.

I'm going to get in that room, I swear...

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