May 28, 2005

Someone needs to teach the little furball how to walk. He doesn't seem to know how--it's run here, run there, run sideways, run, run, run. I think the People get tired just watching him. He's so busy being spastic he didn't even realize that the Woman was giving us crunchy treats. She put down 5 for me and 1 for him, and when he didn't eat it, I took it.

Yeah, that's right. I snatched the crunchy treat right out from under his nose. You snooze, you lose.

He's been out all day so far, and I'm not seeing any respite from his hyperactive little butt. I wish the People would put him back in the Younger Human's room so I could get some sleep. There is no resting with a feline cannonball on the loose.

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