October 30, 2007

Why it sucks to be Buddah...

There's a rule that if a kitty is not there when the People are done with dinner that the People won't call him and say "we have food you'll really like if you come downstairs" so if you're upstairs taking a nap, you have no chance of getting a bite for being good.

Tonight the People had STEAK and Buddah was asleep upstairs. The Man looked in the front room in case he was waiting in there being good, but since he wasn't, he didn't get a bite of steak. He doesn't even know it yet! He's still asleep!

I was good, I only poked the Woman in the butt 149 times to remind her I was there waiting for a taste. If you poke 150 times you get in trouble. Good thing I can count.


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