October 15, 2007

"My face," the Woman says, "is not a pillow."

But I disagree. It made a mighty fine pillow, and the rest of her made a mighty fine bed, and she should be hppy that I chose to sleep on her early this morning instead of following my first impulse, which was to go stand in the bathtub and sing as loudly as I possibly can.

Book Stuff: she emailed proof copies of almost everyone's submission for the new book last night (exception, if you sent in something in the last day or two, she hasn't formatted those yet.) So if you sent something and didn't get a proof, yell at her. If you just sent something in, she'll get a proof to you today or tomorrow.

Oh! I got awards!
Sammy and Miles and Derby and Frostin awarded me this:

I'd like to pass this along to Edsel and Skeezix and Bonnie & Victor and Ginger and Skeeter & LC

Monty award my this:

I think the blog that really deserves this is the Cat Blogosphere, because it provides an important connection point for all the kitty blogs out there.

I feel all special and chit this morning!

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